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I do not know how anyone else feels about their Space but I love mine. Its helped me work out many issues that I was having trouble dealing with. So many people have left comments which have made a big impact on The way I think about life. There is not much about my Space that I don’t like. I only wish to be able to add my own background. This is only a minor thing though. They have many to choose from so I can not complain.

I use my Space to brag about my Son, express my opinions about fathers issues and write about my everyday life. I was never one to write much. I hated writing until I found this Space. Searching through other Spaces I am constantly coming accross ones that are amazing. There is one for just about every topic imaginable. I truely enjoy looking at other Spaces even some that are in languages that I can’t read but simply look at the photos.

If you want to brag about your space, please feel free to comment about your Space. I would love to know what inspires you to write and what do you love or hate about your Space. If you have questions about your space, i’ll try to answer them if I can. I look forward to reading your comments, thanks in advance…tg/logansdaddy 

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  1. Thanks for you comment. YES, I would be honored to be on your "My favorite Spaces". I look forward to hearing from you again. I love your space and your correct about your feelings for your son. Good Luck and God Bless You.Jerry

  2. that is awesome! i am so happy for you, you deserve to be honored for the msn fathers day special. Please let me know if you get it, ok? i know that i have not personaly heard a lot of fathers speak so proudly of their children. especialy fathers who have to fight all the way just to try and see there child one day every other week. but, that is what makes you different, like i have said before, one of the good ones.

  3. It’s good to see a father so involved with his son. Not all children from divorced families are so lucky. What inspires me to write? Life, I suppose. I write because if I don’t write the feelings get more jumbled and confusing and difficult to deal with. I can’t bury stuff if I write it down. It forces me to confront my emotions, all the irrational thoughts. It forces me to see who I am and where I am – even when I don’t really want to see things clearly(but obviously need to see things clearly).Hating my ‘space’ would be pointless because my space is a mirror of me. WYSIWYG. Just like me.ShellyThe Accidental Runner

  4. Hey again! =)Wow. You want to add me??? Very cool. Yes, of course. Please do. I feel honoured!Come by and read any time you’d like. It’s not all fit for reading, but it’s me through and through. No editing (other than spelling because I can’t stand misspelled words!) LOL!ShellyThe Accidental Runner

  5. For me it’s very simple. I love people of all kinds. And here I find that. Compassionate, funny, talented — and the best part is that I can really be myself. My everyday life doesn’t allow sometimes for me to share many of my thoughts or even to meet people I can talk and relate to. Also my daughter has a space here and I believe we have grown a little closer because of it. She can see me not only as her mom, but as a person. When I began, I thought –"who on earth would be interested in my little corner of the world? Strangely enough there are people who are. Deb

  6. What can I say about my space? Is it good? No just ordinary I guess, other people will have to answer that, not that it will bother me. I have a tendacy to ramble, and sometimes this agrivates my husband, so my space is a good way to get things of my chest, so I have figured out. At first I didn’t know what to write, I was never big on diarys or journals, but I find this theraputic in a way, it’s strange. We just moved, so not really knowing anyone here and the fact that I am pregnant, and a stay at home mom, I really don’t have time or energy to go out and try to make friends. I am happy though, I love being here, at home, and in a new town (moved from Tampa to Tallahassee). I have been aprehensive about posting pics of me and the kids on my space, I get to unnerved about all the wackos, but maybe as I find people who I enjoy tagging back and forth and become more comfy with I may, well after I have this kid!! I don’t think people want to see my big ole belly! It’s weird how much I have become addicted to this, not only mine, but to read about other people too, and get good ideas for my space, its been a blast. I love that you are so into your kids, thats great and refreshing, I know there are real good daddys out there, but mainly you hear about the bad ones ya know? So don’t ever forget what a smile from them can do to brighten your day, and make it all worth while…….I have a feeling you wont.Stephanie

  7. My space is mainly a place for me to share my thoughts and feelings about my life of being a single mom, a breast cancer survivor and a person who is just doing the right thing by my kids. My kids keep me going. They are truly my gifts. I enjoyed reading your space and all your feelings for your son. You sound like an awesome dad who is just trying do right by their child. Keep believing in yourself and know that he will believe in you. Just be there.Tammy

  8. I know how you feel about loving your space. I’ve had mine since December. It’s my way to share my world with everyone. It feels great to know someone else cares what you think and is interested. I love your entries! It’s awesome to see a father who doesn’t have his son with him all the time but cares so much. God Bless You through all your struggles!

  9. My space isn’t anything worth bragging about but to me it serves it’s purpose. I started it because I was lonely and I have almost nobody to talk to. I have moved away from family after getting married and suddenly I have nobody to confide in. My husband is great but he can’t be everything to me. I had started a different blog a year ago, but it didn’t allow me very much freedom beyond a blank page to write on. The great thing about having a personal space, besides being a great way to save time on writing lots of individual emails to people, is the ability to let yourself go. I like writing with a view that nobody or everybody could be viewing my site. My own space in the real world is pretty small but here somehow, I feel like a vast continent typing away under the limitless sky. I love reading what other people have to write, I feel like there are so many people out there, wonderful kindred spirits that are just one click away. The world has become quite small with technology and I want to bask in it. What bothers me is when people talk about hurting themselves or post lewd pictures. It tarnishes the vision I have. The world becomes less friendly. Take care and keep writing. You never know who you are inspiring. – Bunny

  10. I am inspired to write when I’m having astruggle within me or just need to talk to someone. Of course I talk to God and that relieves the ache in my heart however I feel it is important to put my thoughts and feelings down for other prople who may be feeling the same way. I like to think that I’m helping someone out there. I am a single mother of 2 beautiful girls and I do not have many friends to confide in so this is also a way to make a few friends. I so want to write more however I have to be heading to work now. I enjoyed your space. It is great!

  11. I dont know how much impact my space has done to anyone, but this is the life I’m dealing with at the moment and it also helps me cope with it and keeps me from going POSTAL! I love my space I get to vent, and if it entertains, inspires or does anything else to anyone then it was well worth it. Take care!

  12. not much on my space right now just pics of my family now that i see how often you write in yours maybe i will get to work on mine

  13. My inspiration is music. Music is my life, it`s a part of me, of who I am! I can`t imagine my life without music! By the way, You`ve got a nice space. Take good care of your kid. Feel free to visit my space whenever you want! Cheers!

  14. Just started my space today..You inspired me. Place to get my thoughts out. Maybe people will read it. Maybe not.. Either way it feels good. Wish the best for you. Good times to come!

  15. I just created my space a few months ago… and I’m having fun with it. I like typing things that have happened in my day-to-day life, including my work, my hubby, and my children. It’s kinda like a diary! I love posting pictures. Your space is the first one I have read, and I have enjoyed it immensely! Give a shout back if you get a chance.

  16. well, i love both of my spaces. I have been keeping up with the lives of four soldiers that are currently overseas. I have links to there spaces on mine. My main space, is dedicated to my thoughts and feelings on anything and everything (that my dad won’t get mad about, even though I am 22!). I try to keep it clean for his sake. My second space is dedicated to the beautiful souls of the troops that are overseas. It’s pretty much a place for anyone and everyone to go and add comments that they want soldiers to see.. comments of support and love. To help them get through the everyday life they live over there. Anyways, here is the link to my other space: http://spaces.msn.com/members/supermonkies2005/PersonalSpace.aspx?_c02_owner=1&_c=I also, truly like your space. I hope you do not mind that I am going to add it to my list.. if thats ok with you. It’s nice to see that so many people can just let go and share life with strangers. Pam

  17. Hey…I read a few of your blogs and you seem really interesting. In my space..I write about whatever I feel like. What I did that day, my thoughts…I don’t really have alot of friends so my blogs are almost my way of telling a friend what happened during the day. I mean other people call a friend and tell them what happened that day or what they are feeling about something…me, I use my blogs. Check out my site if you have the time..I’m sure you’re keeping busy with your site being featured on MSN…congrats on that by the way. Anyways, yeah I enjoy writing. I do poems and stuff but don’t put them on my website because most of them are really emotional. Just about the way I feel about life, people around here, and my feelings. But yeah…if you ever aren’t too busy check out my site…most of it is just me blabbing on about my day. But congrats again!! BYE!!!!!-Heather from Texas, a STWG

  18. Great Space man What inspired me to write my space was the fact that i joined the us navy and i wanted to give my family a place where they could go and they could see my journey since im going to give my faily a glimpse of my world i figured it wouldnt hurt to give the whole world a glimpse of whats going on (for now my space is just about my personal life but in about 2 months you’ll get to see my transition)

  19. There is an incredible authenticity and soul baring honesty to your writing. Especially in the comments directed specifically towards your ex. Your disarming humilty and sincerity are evident, and as I read on I could relate in a personal way as I am the father of two beautiful, kind, courteous and polite children, Michael Patrick 8, and Olivia Frances , 10. Their Mom has been determined to undermine any relationship that I might have with them. Why any adult person would undertake such action to the direct detriment of the innocent child defies any rational explanantion. It is simply the response of a very sick and distorted psyche. While all manner of sophistry may be employed to justify the insidious and often subtle methods employed by these divisive individuals, in the end your truth and light andlove will bring the essence of who you are and who obviously you have always been, and at this point the parent who attempted to bring barriers between the children and their father/mother will be exposed as the hypocrite they have always been. Truth and Love will always become the poweful reality that will be eternal through all the generations of your family to come.You have a voice here, and it is excellent. Full of honesty and humble willingness to share. I personally thank you for your efforts. Michael P. Whelan

  20. Hey there! I find yourself very insightful and yes, a bit inspirational that you use your space to put yourself up on the problems which you face. I use my space in a similar sense but instead of coming directly out with my fears or problems or issues or whatever may called them, I write them in the form of poems. It is an indirect way of not feeling guilty and happy at the same time but a way pf dealing with them in my own way. You can check out my space if you wish and comment on what you think of my poetry. It is not all the hot but it is good enough for me! "Keep you head up through your trials and tribulations." and that is a quote my grandma uses on us when we are feeling down and out.

  21. Hi! I happened upon your space while surfing Josephine’s…Suffise to say that I like it…Your entries seem to come straight from the heart…As for my space, I find talking about anything and everything that’s happened in a day is sufficient. Comments by other people always lift up my spirits and inspire me to keep bl;ogging. The only thing I dislike about it is the fact that when you enter your own space, you are considered a visitor, which can make the Stats very skewed…Apart from that, we should be able to enter HTML code and have it appear as written on our page…Other then that, It’s all good :)Come over for a quick peek if you’re interested :)Later!

  22. Well my space is mainly about, me. I talk about my daily life, updates on my guitar, personal relations, and etc. Spaces on MSN are like journals, you tell your life story however you want.

  23. I came across ‘spaces’ somewhat accidently, and it has turned into a project that I am truely proud of. Most of my family is of some distance away, and I saw this as a way to keep everyone informed on how my husband is doing in Iraq, and how our son is growing every day. I love to see who is spotlighted on the ‘best of msn spaces’. You are a very honest man just trying to do his best in this world. Good job! Thanks for letting people become a part of your life. shan

  24. Fathers day is very difficult for me. My father has always been "presnet" in my life. My parents still remain married. We didn’t have a diffiuclt life. But as I sit here 31 years old, I long for loving memories with my dad. The simple truth is that we have no relationship. He has always physically been there, and still is. And yet he has never been there emotionally. We don’t really talk other than "how’s the car" and "have you seen any good movies lately". I don’t know, I suppose I should be thankful for what I have. My fiance’s father left when he was five and never looked back. But this is my life and my experience, and my dad simply hasn’t done enough. And I can’t find the words to tell him, so I just let it be. What is most difficult on Father’s Day is finding him a card. All the cards are wordy, full of thanks. I can’t ever find an appropriate card so I send him gifts to make up for the lack of words. My only suggestion to you Tom is to force your way into your son’s life. Because when he’s all grown up, he will have expected you to be there physically and emotionally. And no matter what anyone else has done to keep you from him, it is you he will hold it against in the end. Happy Father’s Day.

  25. Logans Daddy,Over the past few months I have come to realize that it is not all the fathers fault. It can be the mothers. I had only seen my father 2 times for lunch ( except for in court for child support and we weren’t allowed to talk). The last I saw him for lunch was July 2004. LONG story short, my father and I have spoken more often this past year then ever. He is very busy with a large corporation and really hasnt time for his current family, let alone his old family. ( I should mention my mother died 9 1/2 years ago and I held her thoughts of my dad as my own).Anyway, my father was really letting me have it over teh phone about 5 months ago…horrible words came out of his mouth…he later apologized…something never done before). After he apologized he said he was still angry at me. He asked why I had never returned any of his phone calls. He tried and tried and tried and I never called him back. He even said, "Your damn mother always hung up on me"My response:"You never called me". Stunned silence and we both realized something…my mother had come between us. We didn’t need to say anything else…we knew what had happened and the missing loup as to why we had never had contact with each other was discovered. My mother never told me and always told me bad things about my father. With fathers day being Sunday, I sent my dad a signed CD by a famouse singer and a letter. I then left him a message saying I was completed with my 2nd masters degree…the email I received was amazing. he told me he knew I could do this 2nd masters and THAT in itself was the best gift I could give him. To all those angry mom’s out there. No, I do not have children and no, I have never been married, no, I am not a looser and no I am not fat or overweight. So thre is no use getting katty about what I am about to write…it wont do you any good. NO MATTER HOW MAD YOU ARE AT THE DADDY DO NOT TAKE HIS CHILD FROM HIM. NOT PHYSICALLY NOR MENTALLY NOR EMOTIONALLY. YES, IT WILL HURT DAD, BUT IT WILL HURT THE CHILD MOST OF ALL. DONT BE NASTY ABOUT CHILD SUPPORT…BUT DO GO AFTER WHAT TEH FATHER IS TO PAY LEGALLY…DO NOT USE HARSH WORDS AROUND YOUR CHILD. FOR ME, ITS BEEN TWENTY YEARS AND i HAVE FOUND TEH TRUTH. IF MY MOM WERE ALIVE, I MAY OR MAY NOT CONFRONT HER ABOUT IT…NO POINT IS ANY WHAT IF’S HERE…BUT I WOULD CONTINUE WITH MY DAD. HE IS 63 YEARS OLD. HE MISSED MY LATE TEENS AND TWENTY’S AND EARLY 30’S…IT MAKES ME SAD….ALL BECASUE TWO PEOPLE COULDN’T GET ALONG AND MOM SAID BAD THINGS. HAVE A HAPPY DADDY’S DAY TO ALL!!!!!


  27. Tom, Your ex should be thankful that you love your son & you are there for him…I am a single mother with 2 teenagers.And believe me it is not east to raise a son without a positive male role model around. Your love for your son has given me hope that there are good men out there..My thoughts are with you. Christine

  28. i just started my own blog,you have inspired me to do so.Congradulations on getting your blog featured! Your kids are cuties,i wish for them and you all the best.

  29. Hi Tom,If you can find forgiveness for your ex-wife,the child support agency etc. You will not only be freed from the hold they hold over you. But the Bible says that if we forgive others Jesus will forgive us our sins. If aperson says that have not sinned they are kidding them selves. For we all have sinned and come short of the Glory of GOD. I pray all goes well for you andyour children. If you seek out the LORD I promise that you will have Peace unspeakable. His servant,Stormielee

  30. I enjoy so much reading featured Spaces! Thank you for sharing with all of us. I hope that this finds you well and that your Father’s day is all you dream it will be. Don’t take a single moment of it for granted! This is definately a Space where I will chack in and catch up often. As for mine…well fairly new. Not a whole lot to it yet, and not much traffic. 🙁 🙁 🙁 BUT GREAT NONETHELESS…at least I think so 🙂 Take care!

  31. Tom, thanks for the visit to my space. I really like using my space. It is a great way to write. I wish I had more time to use it. Have a great day!Breann

  32. It took 400 or so years for the social system which we have to evolve. In it, we ended in the sixties with a nuclear family, but soon after that, in the seventies, single parent families started to unravel the fabric of our society, however maybe it was only mine, my culture. Movies have painted my culture as a time of desperation, but it really was a time of Picasso and Degas. The media points out the segregation, but it was our hearts, then, which set men free. As free, however, as the content of their characters. Where we flew to the moon, you people of today, wish to close up and shelf the book on dreams. We loved our wives and they in return, looked past our imperfections to see the heart within. Children grew up with respect for their elders, because of the sacrifices made for the food on their table and the roof over them. And when the workers grew old a grateful society saw their final time was made pleasant and free from want. This all is not so today! I was married and I have a daughter, but like most other people I was less than perfect… but I never cheated on my wife. I never gave less than 110% to her. But, I was not perfect and I was replaced by a Dream, perhaps you can call it a Golden Idol. And it is just too easy when you are rewarded to bow down and worship at its feet. There are no words inpolite company to express the disgust I feel for the idolators and the exhorters of our time, who lead them. There is even no need to name them… they know to themselves that they are. You know many of them yourselves. Our children run when they see the parents of today. If they aren’t sent unclothed and unfed into poorly equiped school which have been stripped to feed the Great Corporate Maw, then they are sent to die on the altar of the ‘not-so-really free market.’ Can there be any reason for our finest persons to be bleeding in media silence in an unknown land, except to secure the markets for a few fat cats with political clout. These are the things ‘Fathers’ do… Where is the respect that makes a human being humble?

  33. Thanx Tom!!..I have my own space now after seeing yours featured…I didnt even know about my space…I am hoping to write daily..come check it out..Tisha

  34. Thank you Tom. Reading your space inspired me to create my own. I wish you the best of luck, and you are in my prayers.

  35. Women have been raising children on their own for years, with very little or no help from the men that have had a very large part in pro-creating these children they claim to love at first, until the lifestyle they chose no longer fits within what they currently desire. TO men that are now raising children on their own: WELCOME TO THE PARTY!! no longer do you have time to "go to the gym", spend time with your buddies, golf, buy nice clothes, get a haircut every 4 weeks, drive a nice sports car, there are more important needs to be met, like clothes, haircuts, shoes, food, daycare, medical co-pays.Believe me, it is alot easier to be a man in the "dating world" than it is to be a women, as a women you have to compete with every young, maincured, nipped, tucked, fashionably clothed, free spirited girl out there to have a chance with someone who is remotely interested in a " single mom". So, I have no kuddo’s for you, nor any pat on the backs, they are half yours, nut up and be a man and a father and grow a pair 😉

  36. I love it!…The whole msn spaces thing! I found it just about when my life was turning around and I was becoming aware of certain things around me, progress I wanted to make and stuff…..I wanted to write it all down somewhere (in a different way – used to keep a diary) and just keep track of it for myself and others too.I also love the extended community that it creates, having people read your stuff and leave their comments…it’s like building a little community…..I just made a list of the spaces that I want to keep following up on. I love it!!

  37. I write about what I do everyday. As a 13 year old, I’m kinda lazy… but I get outside a lot. I like what you’re doing and it’s interesting to read what you’ve written.

  38. my space is mostly about my anger, and my so called life in this country. if i can’t talk to anyone, i just add an entry. that way i don’t need to think about anything to write, and i can get rid of my anger easier. the space is cool that way.*****on the other hand..i wish we had the chance to change anything. we should be able to use HTML codes. that way every space wouldn’t look or feel the same. l8er..

  39. I am a stay at home mom/substitute teacher/looking for a better job/writer and I have really enjoyed keeping up with your space. I am mother of two, married and it is not always easy especially when my husband is up at 4:30 a.m. and off to Atlanta to work and back at home at night around 8 p.m., so I guess you could say I am a single mother since we hardly see him.I have a space on MSN and it is currently a work in progess since my girls take up most of my free time. I am an aspiring writer and when I am down for ideas I enjoy looking over other MSN Spaces members. Yours is truly a one of a kind space and it’s nice to see a man’s viewpoint of being I guess mostly without his son.My girlfriend who is on her 2nd marriage now, well she had a total looser for a 1st husband, he thought the grass was greener on the other side of the fence and ultimately walked out on her and his son when he was less than 2 years old. He later wound up giving his rights up to the son so he could go out and later father two other kids which have his name now. Talk about a real looser. And when he needs a quick "fix" so we may say, he waits until he knows her now husband is off at work to try and get to her. She is keeping the faith though and throwing him off her property. So I guess there are some real loosers in the world today.My space is about me and if you check out my space you can read about what I thought were ideal times growing up in a small southern town in Georgia. I have lots of links posted too as well as books and movies I think people should check out.Published by Southern Belle Mom (http://spaces.msn.com/members/southernbellemom)

  40. Well Tom, I might say your space is truly amazing! I do have my own as well. I created it about 3 days ago and try to add stuff when I can… Anyways, I really wanna dedicate my Space to all the snowboarders and skiers who cannot live without adrenaline!!! I ski for about 12 years, and I decided to make my own Space so other people could download photos of some extreme actions of my friends or other extreme lovers…Unfortunately, my Space is still under construction, because I lack good photos that I could upload… My Space will be completed in August, after I will arrive from New Zealand with brand new shots of extreme skiing and snowboarding from marvelous ski resorts there…I hope people will like my Space after I will complete everything:)

  41. Sure it’s o.k. to link me to your site, that way I can get some readers too. :)Like I said and maybe your readers will see it here, I have only one complete blog and one being worked on but if people keep checking back I will keep updating.Your site is great as well, I am having thoughts about posting my pics and my kids but I am also having second thoughts, do you worry about who sees yours?Yours in Blogland :)Southern Belle

  42. I just actually got a space just now. So far I really like it. It was very easy to set up and I like that I don’t have to be a computer programmer to use it. I also like that it is so easy to upload pictures etc. My Space, so far anyhow, is kind of my take on life for me and my children while my husband is deployed to Iraq. It is, as I feel every blog should be, more for me than for other’s benefit. Blogging can be very thereputic!I enjoyed checking out your space!Valerie

  43. My space is just to write. I write about anything, really. Lately it has been about my upcoming wedding, the possiblity of taking on my nephew from my abusive sister. Rants in regards to traffic, life and work.Mainly it is here to freshen and refreshen my writing, mental process and life skills.I really enjoy your blog. I think it is marvelous that you write, care for, and love your children unconditionally. Good for you!!

  44. I love my space, Ive had it since they came out with it…sheesh its been months already? hmm…well i write about my everyday kinda things, my friends, my hobbies…you know, the usual kinda thing a 17 year-old would write about…I LOVE writing about my progress as starting Bassist (im really into the bass guitar)…and at the end of every entry i post a song lyric that usually fits in with what I’m writing about…if you head on over there an check back often you’ll also find the Political views of a 17 year-old smartass…its a good gig, these MSN Spaces. good luck to you an your kids and congrats bein featured!

  45. Tom,I found your Space through MSN "Best Spaces" and found it to be quite interesting. I enjoy my space because it gives me an outlet for saying what does not always come so easily in person about how much I love my [step]children, and how proud and lucky I am as a grandfather. It also relieves my friends of the burden of constantly hearing me crow about my kids! Since I also like to travel, it is a wonderful outlet for sharing our travel pictures with our friends and family. All in all, I think it is fun, and enjoy the many different facets that it can provide. My wife is a more private person than me…she is somewhat uncomfortable with the level of detail I provide about our life and family to an anonymous public, but I disagree and find that most people are genuinely interested. Perhaps you have received some comments about how personal your web page is. I think these Spaces are for exactly that purpose…something personal to share…not just a generic journal of useless trash. Keep up the good work!

  46. Tom, I just created my space today and am learning…i found your space through MSN best spaces… i’m looking foward to using my space to communicate my recent graduation/degree, new job, upcoming move, current pictures, etc with family and friends, but have no idea where to begin!!! Any suggestions or wise words of guidance (would be big $$$, but recent college graduates starting a new career have no $$)!! thanks, jeb

  47. hey Tom!! you know when I read your Space again, it inspired me to make some new corrections to mine! I am really grateful to you..You I created my Space not a long time ago, and I wanna ask you: How did u make your Space such a success?? What did u do that people love it?? if u can, please answer…I will be so grateful, because that is problem I am struggling right now…

  48. i have this awful habbit of writing what ever i feel at the time, then i go off and feel much better lol, and ive become soemwhat bored with all the poetry sites, but thats just me-kara

  49. Where you at?! Where’s your hood? I am some what new to spaces & I was thinking that there is a serious shortage of people who are NOT from Canada using spaces. Not that I have anything against the great white north (What up, Canada?!) I was just wondering where all you folks are out there! Where were you born? Where are you now? So, whether you’re from here or there or any where in this crazy world, it’s time to let every one know that spaces is an international ting! Give a quick shout to represent where your from! Vote:http://spaces.msn.com/members/LoveSerendipitously/Blog/cns!1pR7a1BWibul9wUDJlB59w6g!399.entry My name is Rachel and I am from California. I use my space to express my political points of view, brag about my family or rant about them depending on my mood, link others to sites that are really funny (I’m sorta twisted) and sites that feed your brain (gotta keep an open mind!) Music is a big part of our family life so if you’re interested in Reggae music come check us out, cause we be HOT, mon.

  50. hi, my name is peter (Xue Ning – Chinese Name). And I’m from P.R.China. English major student. I have seen all the stuff you wrote at your space. they are awesome. I extremely love writting stuff in English.It is not because I have been learning for like a "million" years, I really enjoy doing so. And I deeply know that the only way to make my English as perfect as yours is to use it all the time. agree???:>MSN space is fantastic. you know, I was not that kind of people who write diary. After I found this space, I feel it is a marvelous way to express my emotions. maybe I’m too emotional or sensitive, it feels like I finally got the stuff I have been searching since I was born ( a little exaggerated,right?:>)Anyway, it would be my extreme pleasure that if you could visit my space sometime and leave some words at my forum. And I will be really thankful as well if you could correct all the English mistakes (including grammatical mistakes) I made in the stuff I wrote and posted at my space. looking forward to getting something from you peter from China:>

  51. Daily life and events inspire me to write on my MSN space. It keeps my friends updated to the goings on when it is convenient for them. Having a place to go and put in what I am thinking helps with the stresses of daily life too. Some days there is a lot to get out others there’s nothing. My space is a personal journal all my friends have access too. The thing i like the most is this way I can get feedback on what is going on in this head, unlike writing in a traditional journal. Your space gets better every time I visit, keep it up.

  52. Hey! I have no problem with you adding me to your favorites list! That rocks my world! Thanks a lot! 😀

  53. I have recently discovered SPACES. I write about some of my experiences as a cop. The general public doesn’t know or understand that we have feelings too. Its not easy to take action against people. Its not easy being hated everywhere you go. Having my spaces has let me express some of these feeling and let other people glimpse into the life of a cop.By the way, your SPACE is great. I love reading your stuff. I was a single mom for awhile and I know it must be even harder being a single dad. Good Luck. I have FOUR sons, if you need any advice or just want to blow off steam drop me a line.

  54. hello i have been blogging on msn spaces for a few months now. at first it was just for my famiy and friends on msn but then i needed somewhere to vent and deicded to go public. i admire what you are doing with your blog and your life. i have two babies and am married but it is still difficult to raise them and have a good family life. i couldn’t imagine doing it alone. well if you’d like check out my space. i know i’ll come back to check yours again.

  55. my space is just to vent. & to talk about my family. All my family have links to my space and my far away family love it cause they can go anytime and see updated pics of my kids. I write like I am writing to my best friend. just like we were talking.. it has helped tremendously in relieving stress. I saw your space when it was featured and I check it about every day to see what is new in your life. I have been in your shoes with the single parent thing and can appreciate some of what you have been through. just be true to your kids, they will learn more from your actions than your words can ever convey. I look at every situation that comes up as how i can handle it to teach my kids something, good or bad. Good work on your site, and looking forward to hearing about your sweet little one some more..

  56. My space is a friend that encourages me to write everyday. If always been embarrassed of my creative writing skills because it was never a tangible assest. You can invite someone to the garage and point out the bookcase you’re currently working on but attempting to convincing someone read your latest story idea is impossible.With Ryde Dyvyne, I have managed to refocus on the art that I adore. Using the space allows me to develope a routine to write everyday without concern of structure and grammetical error. More importantly, I’m not embarrassed nor haggling someone to read it for criticism.

  57. I’m still trying to find something exciting to do with my sight….I’m not a social butterfly so its hard to keep up with all these fast paced folks..but anyways, I do have a guest book, and a Pet guest book, you can tell me all about your fave pets =) I have a pug who I absolutly adour!!!!!!!! Until next time, take care…

  58. I visit your space every day, and try to make my space better by looking at yours. I’ve been ‘blogging’ for 2 months now, and it helps me sort things out. Since i’ve started ‘blogging’, i have been better able to understand my feelings and others’ feelings. I’ve also improved my grammar skills, which were starting to slide after school got out. I love to read other peoples’ blogs, probably because i know that my life isn’t very interesting. I also use their blogs to try to understand how they think. The only thing i don’t like about these Spaces is the ones in foriegn languages. I think it’s cool that they are there, but i can’t read them. I just wish there was a filter for languages, so i could just look at english sites. Anyway, I love your space, and i love mine too!

  59. WOW! I loved your site after about 20 seconds of reading. I like getting a percpective from the divorced dad. Im also divorced but remarried and have a few "issues" with the ex. Please check my site out…..Dont get excited it isnt half as nice as yours Im just starting.P.S Your son is a cutie.Julie Rose-Berger

  60. Thanks for leaving a comment on my space. It’s nice to know that someone is reading and enjoying what I wrote. I have enjoyed reading yours and must say, your son is adorable. I will make sure to stop by again. Have a great day

  61. Thanks for leaving a comment on my space. It’s nice to know that someone is reading and enjoying what I wrote. I have enjoyed reading yours and must say, your son is adorable. I will make sure to stop by again. Have a great day

  62. I am visiting your space every now and then, really hope all good things come to you and Logan.Take good care!

  63. What I like best about Spaces is the kinship and unpretension that goes down. People are so clever and smart and this is just the spot to showcase that. It seems un-spoiled by random judgement from an anonymous reading audience and that’s rare…a lot of genuine people are united in the name of cyberspace. I salute you and what you are doing by yourself. Stay strong and keep it lovely!PeaceGLW

  64. Hello! this is just a note to let you know that a stranger was here! I will be back to read some more…You are welcome to visit mine, I just started a couple of weeks ago and LOVE it too…Vicky

  65. Tom, This is a great idea. Think I might steal it. LOL I like spaces because you meet so many people from all over the world.I have a few spaces for diffrent subjects. I’ll leave you the addys if you like to check them out. As for your struggle, stay in there, no matter what stay involved in your son’s life. They grow up so fast and he will know how hard you tried. .。.:⊹⊱✿* Rosehttp://spaces.msn.com/members/stuffistole/http://spaces.msn.com/members/aspaceoddesy/ If you are looking for more visitors I’ll link you if you like. ??

  66. Mine is just been so far everyday life. I just started my a few days ago. I give shout outs and list some of my fave links. Music plays and things will change there often! Profile and pics, and books I’ve liked are listed too. That about it so far. If you have any ideas what I should do or add, come post it. I love posters! =)

  67. hey, it’s me again. hadn’t come here for a while~ how is everything going?? Yesterday was Mid-Autumn day in China. According to Chinese conventions,no matter where you are, on this day you should go back home being around with your family. (moon on this day is the most round and complete during the whole year which means every family should be so too):> best wishes from China….see you round…peter

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