Fathers Away From Home

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I was visiting other Spaces and found this link to some incredible phots of Father ( & Mother ) soldiers who made the ultimate sacrifice to serve their country. http://www.clermontyellow.accountsupport.com/flash/UntilThen.swf 

To see where I got this link from, please visit "Jerry" at: http://spaces.msn.com/members/Freedom4allofus/ . Its a really cool Space.



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  1. That website is amazing. Thank you so much for putting that up there, I started to tear up, its amazing how everyone looks like someone you know. Its a little scary even. It said there was music, but i didnt hear any, but I was listening to the radio, and Josh Groban’s "The Prayer" fit it exactly, so I was happy.Well, I’m off to read more, thank’s again. Have a wonderful day!~sketi~

  2. Thank you for remembering fathers who are away from their children while performing military duties. My husband is one of those fathers. We will celebrate tomorrow via webcam I am sure. I commend you for all that you are and all that you are doing. I was there as a single mother ten years ago and in some ways I still am while my husband is deployed. I have gone through years of a very protracted custody case over my oldest son and lived to tell the tale, but not after much heartbreak and sorrow mostly for my son. If I may offer 2 pieces of advice that helped me through the years and still continue to help in some ways: 1) I am not the only single parent in the world- there are others many many others that join me in my daily journey to juggle it all and be all… 2) I made certain that I conducted myself towards my son’s father and his father’s family in a manner that I could repeat VERBATIM anything that I said about them or to them(in court or out) to my son as a grown adult and not be ashamed. I have no regrets now and I am thankful to say my son is well adjusted. I’d like to think it had something to do with the way I conducted myself for his protection. I wish you the happiest of Fathers Days!

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