A Fathers LAST Struggle

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When I woke up today my neighbor down stairs told me a friend up the steet was murdered. I refused to believe it until several other people told the same story.

My freind M lived in a habitat for humanity home resently built in my neighborhood. M his wife A & three kids 5, 6 & 9. A had a P.F.A. against her for assulting M with a knife some time ago. M let her back in the house because he felt sorry for her. It was no secret that A cheated on M with many other guys. I think M knew it but could do nothing about it. He wanted his kids to have mommy at home. M was injured at work and was at home all the time to take care of the kids. His insurance payed his sallary every month.

One guy that A "ran" J, was an ok guy but he made the mistake of getting too close to A. One day A took off and no one knew where she was. J & M were both concerned. M, figured out that J & A (his wife) had  been "sleeping" together. Like other thing with his wife, he accepted J and they became friends. so much so that when J need a place to stay, he allowed J to move in with him and his wife & kids. it worked out, as far as i know, ok. His wife A still stayed out alot of the time doing who know what.

There was never any bad blood between M and J, that i’ve heard of. J was great with M’s childern. J never mistreated any kid that i know of. he loved all kids. J was the driver when ever they need any thing form the store or anyplace so M could stay with his kids

Someting horrible happened last night around 3:30am ! M was found stabbed to death at home. J was in M’s car somewhere, some time? last night & for some reason ran off the road into an utility pole.  J is in bad shape I’ve heard he may not make.  "A" came home when the cops were at the scene of the crime. 

Well on the local tv news the claimed J came into M’s home, killed him then raped A. Then J stole their car and left and later hit a tree in Pa.

This story does’nt seem right. J was not an angel himself, but I can’t imagine him doing this. J & M had worked out their problems.

I just can’t understand how or why this had to happen. Only that A had a P.F.A against her for her handy work with a knife in the past.

Another destroyed family. I cant’ even bring myself to ask if the kids were home or if they saw what happend, I pray they weren’t.

well, i’d better go for now.


J(james Cole) is still alive . He is a veg. He is not able to talk or understand anything that happens around him. I is sched. to appear in court for a compitency hearing. If he is found to be un-able to stand trial for murder, he will remain in an institution for the rest of his so called life. If by some mirecle he recovers he will be charged and held for trial.

A(alesha) is rich. she got several insurance ppolicies and the money from the sale of their property. She has not changed at all. Her three kids will not benifit at all from the tragic loss of their dad. Its sad.

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