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Hi every one:) I have been busy with my Son. I am home almost all day and forgot how much there is to do around the apt. I usually try to find stuff to do before I pick up my Son. I built a computer for him and his brother to play around on because they have been using my laptop and it’s been getting used too much and gets  hot. It doesn’t cause any problems but it doesn’t need to now. I got a P4 2.66Ghz, an Abit SL-80 motherboard and 256mb memory for now. I also put a Seagate 80Gig hard drive and a Lite-On Cd-Rw/Dvd player. I still need to put in more memory(up to 2Gigs) and a nice Agp graphics card to make it as good as my laptop although my laptop is a P4, it is Hyper-Threaded. It will still be better than most for the same money from the store.
My son has been doing a lot better in school. He had to bring in 100 things, 10 of 10 different things. At first I thought it would be hard to do but we all pitched in and in about 30 minutes we got them all packed up in his back pack for school. He said they loved what he came up with and he thanked me and his mom for helping.
10) Pennies
10) Dimes
10) Nickles
10) Crayons (different colors)
10) Q-Tips
10) Little animals
10) Sponge Bob stickers
10) Polished little rocks
10) Match-Box Cars
10) Magnetic numbers for the refrigerator
He was so cute:) He has sooo much energy! he seems to never get tired of running around from one thing to the next. I remember being the same way when I was his age.
I am sorry for not writing here more. I still think of all of my visitors and feel bad they keep seing the same old stuff. All I can do is dust it off and hope that you keep coming back:)… tom g

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  1. Tom,
    It all sounds great!!! I check in about everyday. I know how busy life gets though and realize you will write when you have the time to. I am happy to hear that everything is going well. Was it 100 day at school? I just wondered because that is what our school does for 100 day…
    Good to hear from you. God Bless and take care

  2. You know sometimes the slow and steady is what life is made of. I know in my life it seems things go mundanely however that is what most peoples lives are made of . Little things that make us smile , little victorys . The big moments are there but they dont come nearly as often . It sounds like your happy and that is good to see . Take care ,

  3. My son and I counted out 100 Cheetos to take to school for the 100th day of school. They were making a trial mix.How fun!

  4. My son once had to bring in 100 things also.  But not in 10’s.  He had a week to get it together, so we collected 100 business cards from friends and businesses.  It was fun.
    I check in occasionally – but I know how it is to be busy. Glad all is well though.

  5. Hi there… I’m here for a visit.
    I also will leave you some funny quotes.
    Have a great weak.
    *Kiss*……..*Kiss* ……..*Kiss* ……..*Kiss* ……..*Kiss*
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  6. How are your dear friend?
    As usual, your space is soberb!
    ღThank you for making time to visit my space.ღ
    Have a fantastic week

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