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I called my ex- on Thursday and she said that My Son had a birthday party to go to for one of his friends. I felt guilty about him missing it so I asked her if Sunday would be ok, she said ok. I hope she is not playing games because I would have no way to prove the oral agreement to Change’s it. She could say I missed my day(sat). I do not want to seem paranoid but She’s been acting "strange" lately and it would not surprise me if it happened. the only down side is that I would have to wait two more week until I could get him again.
I got some papers from th Deputy Att.Gen. office for support! Its seems like they do not know whats going on because They still had me owing my ex. I went to the support office and got them to give me documentation of my status with them. They did and it said they closed the case/file. I took that to the D.A.G. office in town and handed it right to the att. who reps my ex, his jaw hit the floor and the only ting he had to say was "ooooh". How could he not know what I knew? His job is to be up to date on what he is doing. Besides he got my mane wrong on the court docs, so they were invalid. I pointed this out to the att as well and he said to just tear it up and do not worry about it.
I went to ssi office to try to get proof that my ex got my Son’s back benefits ($18,000) so I could have that credited to wards support as ordered by court. They made me mad because they said that I had no access to that info because my Son’s account is controlled by my ex. I think I convinced the support office people that she got it even though I had not "proof". I would like to get it just to have it on file.
My ex and her last boyfriend have a trial 9/2 and I told him I would be there. I also filed and they might have it all on the same day. If she wont give me the proof I’ll ash her in court in front of the judge and she’ll have to admit it or lie….again!…tom g

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  1. yea my ex got 36,000 when she told me to hit the road (she was in the process of getting disability) so when i was put out about a month later she got the money they say it came from my old age pensioni know some women can be nasty bit,hes and i think yours and mine must be related somehowYou know a year before we split she kept saying to me if i didnt like being with her i could leave and she would,nt keep me from seeing the kids THAT WAS THE VERY FIRST THING SHE DID PULLED THE KIDS and got childrens aid involved saying i was no good……… me on this one man if there is anything in your past life with her like pornography,tempertantrums from you or raising your voice to the kids THAT BITCH will bring it up in courti guarrentee you mine did i had a collectionof 1970 playboys (but which i got rid of prio to my daughter being born and the ex was the one who got rid of them for me took them to a friend of ours ,,,,i didnt want them around when my daughter was born and she agreed to it BUT i still was faced with that in court my ex put them in her court papers saying i had a porn collection(and she was the one who got rid of them for me )but you know i cant hate her for she is my kids mother but some times i get pissed off they way i get treated by her so thats why i dont have anything to do with my kids cause i know my life would be sitting in a padded cell cause my doctor told me i was going to have a nervouse breakdown if i didnt do somthing to fix the problem… i told my lawyer i was done fighting to see the kids in 3 months of visits i saw them4 times i was suppose to see them 2x a week but she would always say the kids were sick always

  2. Ex’s can be sneaky, all you need is documentation. Dont ask me why the courts will take in consideration the day and time written by you in a journal, but they do. I would start with the incident the other day, also, and this is just advice, you might to stay out of the situation with the other father, sometimes it has a way of biting you in the butt. i would go to be a spectator, but only get involved if forced too. i think you x is nuts and may take it out on you. let me know how it all goes.

  3. Wow! What a great father you sound like. Fighting for an opportunity to spend time with your child is one of the most admirable things you could do. Keep pressing! If you ever would like to chat, add me to MSN Messenger.

  4. I really do hope for you that you get your son tomorrow as planned, that would be nice for you. I will not be able to check your site tomrrow until late night when I get back from the baby shower so we will see. Good luck.

  5. Hello Tom, I am praying for you and your son. He needs your stability. I hope that it will work out that way for you. Be smart and one step ahead of the courts and your x okay?

  6. I have never understood why divorce has to go this way but 99% do. I did a self divorce did all the paper work had it set up for $100 a month in child support and open visition. I can still remember the judge questioning me about both when I replayed "Her father will be there for her is she needs more, I am not worried about that. He then question the open visiting asking did i realize that ment he could see her when ever he wanted. I said yes sir I do, he is a good father and has a right to see her when he wants, we are divorcing not him and our daughter. The judge sat there a min and shaking his head said "This one is for the books". One of her rewards for a stright "A" report card was getting Friday off school and an extra day with dad. I was right he was and is always there for her. I believe this is one of the reason she did so well in school and is a good mom and wife because she was never pulled between us. I hope things smooth out for you because what ever happens will effect your son. And it is very obvious you love him very much.. Good Luck..

  7. Tom,Looks like everything is going according to plan. Just keep your head up, and keep fighting. It’s gonna work out. Also, I really hope you see you son on Sun. I’ll say a prayer for you.-JC

  8. website has helped me A lot…My Husband’s ex is crazy and lies constantly….She makes life really hard for her little girl ( my step daughter)It’s sad that there are parents out there who are stuck in hate that they can’t see past it to just do what’s best for their child.My oldest daughter’s father and I get along great and Our daughter doesn’t grow up with the stress my step daughter deals with.U wish you luck but check out this site…Also there is a great book caller co parenting with a jerk…Good Luck !!!! sounds like you need it!!!Michele

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