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Today was a very nice day:) I got to be with my son for a while to day, from 10am-5:30pm. WOW!. It was great. We went to Sears and I bought him a bunch of much needed clothes. I had time to actually have him try on the clothes first so they should all fit ok. Some boxers and socks. Also I got him a pair of leather hiking boots like the ones I wear. He had two b’day parties in two days. Today was fro a two year but there were many kids around his age to play with. He love swimming an playing with them. I loved just watching how he has fun. He is such a great kid and I love and miss being him so much. I took a bunch of pics and they are in the album called "My Long Visit".
He got to see my car and we were took a ride to get some water-ice like we used to when I was able to drive before. He thought my car was cool, he rear the name "Monte Carlo Z34" walking up to the car. He so smart:)
I found out that I have to go to court on Sept. 2nd for court about custody and my ex. The father of her other son by her last boyfriend is going to be there too. It should be very interesting to say the least. Can’t even begin to imagine how it will turn out…tom g

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  1. Great pictures Tom — He looks like he had a great time. You are right, September 2 should be quite interesting. Thanks for stoppin by my site — I eventually will get the music on — I just have to have more time to play around with it. One day you’ll visit and there it will be. Take care — Deb

  2. Just happened upon your blog . I was a single parent at one time and I was blessed to have my child with me . I cant imagine your struggle because I have never had to go through it but I wish you well . I will keep checking back to see how things are going .

  3. I hope you get what you want with the court and that you can then see your son more. At least getting joint custody or something where he is with you for a week and her for a week or some kind of arangement that way would be nice. I know that usually if you can get something like that you dont have to pay as much child suport. GOOD LUCK!! You sound like you would be a great full time daddy.

  4. Tom,I am so sorry for not stopping by, like i used to. I’m glad things seem to begoing great for you.I have been so busy that I may get online and then right back off again.So to have this minute this morning and to actually take the time to kinda catch up is really nice.I will try to get back on track, as you know life can be hectic at times.Good luck sweets and take with you really soon..Friends,PattiPS. I know you probably thought i dropped dead or something, I could only wish that.. it never happened I’m still alive and kicking and throwing my tantrums 🙂

  5. Hey there, I am so glad that the visit was good and that you were able to have him for so long on Sunday. Good luck on Sept 2nd, I will check in before that just to see how you are doing, but you have my prayers for a good outcome and no-drama procedings on the 2nd. What a cutie your little man is!

  6. Talk ABOUT an interesting court day!! I would LOVE to be a fly on the wall. So glad you enjoyed the day with logan.

  7. Cute boy you have, And good to read, that you had more time with him, he seems to be enjoying that time :)Take careKeppiegirl

  8. Hi, I just wanted to let you know that my hubby (fiance technically) are going through the same thing for his daughter, also for his son, but that doesn’t seem to be going anywhere. We seem to have alkot in common though. After fighting with his ex gf to see his daughter we went to court and fianlly got access to her. Only now CAS took the kids from her for abuse and numerous other things and now we are working with CAS to keep the kids safe and doing what we can to make sure his daghter comes to live with us. We were court issued only every two weekends which is really hard when the ex would complain if he didn’t take his daughetr every weekend and lied in court about everything. But if you ever need to sepak to some people in the same boat please feel free to speak with us. He’s been through the whole thing with his son oncce before but his ex wife won’t let him see his 8 year old son in over two years. Went to court and the judge decided it was in the childs best interests to continue the non access and no phone calls nothig from his father. You can imagine how he must feel not being able to see his son. I am thankful he’s got his daughter at least and we see her alot more now with CAS than we did when she was with her mother. My space doens”t say much personal stuff but if you add wesnsherry to your msn list you can view our spaces there and it has a bit its new though. Anyway have a great day and I’m so happy to hear that another father is getting what they deserve, access and visitation to their children! There really isn’t that many dead beats out there its the mothers saying they are deadbeats that make them deadbeats but they really aren’t.

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