A Close Encounter of the Ex-Wife Kind

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Yesterday I went to Family Court to file papers to redo the visitation & custody asap. I was up all night (again) and got there as soon as they opened. While i was driving in the parking garage, a strange vehicle was tailgating me. I found a spot, pulled in and next to me, the tailgater pulls in. Out pops my Ex. She starts to ask why I am driving w/no license. I told that I got that worked out. She kept asking tons of questions that I could not answer. I haven’t been writing about my "plans" so she does not know. Her old b.f is filing for custody of his son(my son’s bro) and now won’t let the boys visit because he filed. She is a cruel heartless person. No matter what their problems she should NEVER let any thing come between my son and his bro. She was trying hard to get me to argue w/her. I was to smart and not in the mood for it. I just got in my car and left her yelling and screaming in the parking garage. I had to pay two dollars for 10 minutes of parking but staying would have landed me in jail.
It sucks that my son now has so many people who he will have to visit his bro, step dad, mom and me. He wont know where to call home! I wish he could stay w/ me for most of the time so he won’t have to see another bad breakup and have to get used to new "dad" and bros and sisters. It would be me & him. I would have no problem w/equal time with his step dad and bro. I would love to have his bro over for visit w/me & my son.
I am having a hard time finding a place though. I might have to just get an apartment. I hate it because it would be like throwing money out the window. I have to now get ready to go to the court house…again…tom g

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  1. Hey TomYou seem to take everything that is thrown at you with dignity and class and in the end, that is what you are teaching your son: to be a man. Congratulate yourself and then keep at it because I believe it will work out for you in the end!!! SAAM

  2. Hi again:I live right near the Falls. It is very cool..especially in the winter with the lights on the ice and frozen mist!! You are welcome for the support!!Keep smiling SAAM

  3. Hi there Tom,I just want say hello and I am so grateful for you attitude.Just continue having fun with your son everytime you have the chance because he will treasure that forever and he will know how much you love him when he gets older.A caring heart,Lalane

  4. I know it’s hard but have patience Tom, you will find a place that’s just right.I think that as long as your son has you for an example of a steady, loving person, he will come through in the end. Kids are smart as I’m sure you know.Hang in there — it sounds to me like there are many things that are unraveling for your ex and she needs someone to take it out on. Things will be ok for you.Deb

  5. Tom,I’m amazed at your situation and respect you for walking away from your ex. That was her ploy, I hope you documented all that. If it continues look at Harassment Charges.The court should have a real interest in keeping the boys together. May be a long shot that you have your attorney cooperate with his attorney. I’m not a lawyer just went through lots of crap.Keep your head and let’s keep in touch, like to think the info is helpful. The fact that both you and her new ex want the kids away should speak volumes toward her parenting ability.Be calm, be smart and don’t quit.Sean

  6. heeya sorry i know you dont know me, but whats the music playing? i thought its really nice 🙂 Please reply xxxx

  7. Lol, i love advice-for-dummies’ comment… Anyway, it seems like things are turning around. Things are getting better for you, and worse for your ex. Unfortunately, that means your sons life is also going down-hill. I’d get things finished as soon as possible, and get full custody. Children in bad households grow up bad themselves. I hope it all works out!

  8. Hey Tom,Just take it in stride. You did exactly what you needed to do. Let her destroy herself. It is only a matter of time until her true self is revealed to all.-JC

  9. I think you acted very well in the circumstances. I hate paying rent too, but we cant afford to look into buying a house for a few years yet, more if I decide to go back to school which I will probably do. The funny thing about the media player, after I saw it in your space, now it’s suddenly everywhere! You have started some kind of trend. – Bunny

  10. Hey there, I am sorry to hear about the ex… I hate what that means for your son… As a woman and a mother I feel compelled to apologize on her behalf… not all of us are like that! I pray for her to gain a measure of maturity.

  11. Tom, I will pray for the best to happen for your son. I feel the best for him is you. Thank you for the help on my music. I hope you got a chance to see that I have it up and running now. Thank you and keep your chin up.

  12. I just happened to click on this link one day and now I read it at least once a week. I feel for you. I am my husband’s second wife and I can tell you a few of my horror stories. I know how you feel it is not easy esp. when your ex is a fruitloop, my husband’s was certified, too. I lived through it and you can too, but it doesnt really get better until your child is grown and the mother loses that control on his life. I have three stepsons and me and my husband share a daughter. His ex is on her fourth husband in 11 yrs. I figure that one day you will want to remarry and have more children (you seem to be a pretty good father), that will be when your problems really start with your ex, then these problems will seem like nothing.

  13. As a child of a divorce, I can only stress that these circumstances and events will obviously have a profound impact on your son’s life. But he will be comforted to know that his Dad loves him and fights for his best interests. The father/son relationship can be so strenuous, but it sounds like you are handling it with class and intelligence. He is lucky to have a dad like you.

  14. Hello, I was just reading your msn spaces and for some reason i felt the need to write you. My mom and Dad got divorced when i was really young and we lived in Ontario and my mom packed me and my sister up to British Columbia which is now where i live. My dad was abusive and an alcoholic so my mom had no choice, i just wanted to say that its a beautiful thing to see that you love your children so much it took me many years to get to a healthy relationship with my dad im still working on it. But i know no matter what he loved me and my sister with all his heart but he needed to get his life in order. Im so happy to see that you care wether or not your children are happy with their step parents i didnt get a say in anything because i was so young. anyways i know this is totaly random but i just wanted to tell you i appreciate the love you have for ur children. i hope other dads can see from your example -Tanis 16

  15. hi i have been divoreced for 4years. my ex wife is a pain …. i recently got remarried to great girl…we have the boys more than half the time… which i love.. the problem is that since i have remarried my ex seems to think that we are still married she calles 5 times a day… she parks out in front of the drive way for 45 mins when she is dropping the boys off. i dont know how to handle it.. i know we should remain friends for the boys but when is it tow far.

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