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Well it is getting to where I hate to check the mail any more. today I got a letter from court saying my ex is claiming she did not get the money. I called her today and asked her again when can I pick this proof she’d promised to give me. She said she was too busy and refuses to give me the proof I need.
Well to make a long story short, I decided to find a lawyer and I am going to put it in his hands because I just can not take any more of my ex’s b.s.’n games. That means I will have to throw away about 2,000 dollars over time, just because my ex has a control problem and gets off on torturing others in her life. I have tto meet w/this lawyer on Thurs.(today) @ 1:30pm. I hope He can help me. I will write about how this went on Friday…tom g

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  1. Hello Mr TDivorce can be a very painful thing,,,and even worse when there are kidlets involved. My heart goes out to you. How unfair your ex sounds,, maybe a better word is mixed up. As an ex wife,,, I shutter to think that there are ex wives that are so thoughtless toward not their ex,,, but their babies. Hang in there T,,, you getting a lawyer is the best thing. Let him now talk for you,,,,and get you a fair deal,,, no,,, your lit’ guy a fair deal!!There are some ex wives on your side. 🙂 love Shnev

  2. Hang in there Tom — I know this can be frustrating but keep pushin ahead. You have made progress since I’ve been coming here, slowly, but real progress. Deb

  3. Wow, Tom. Hang in there, Logan is worth it. Just think, one day, everything will be set in stone (so to speak) and she will have no choice but to comply. My sympathies on her being a control freak, I had one of those. Don’t give up. Relief is coming in the form of a lawyer and judge.Jolie

  4. Sorry to hear about your troubles. You always hear it from a woman’s perspective but it’s good to see what men have to go through as well. Keep up the fight for your kids. Hope all goes well in the future. See ya!

  5. Hey Tom,I read your blog every day because my new husband goes through Ex wife hell with his children (he has two girls that he has seen 2 times this year). I feel for you and just like i keep telling him "What goes around comes around" and we can all just wait till it happens and one day it will. Me on the other hand have 3 wonderful children and a dad that has totally abaondon him. He’s the loser because unlike some women i’m probably the most understanding ex wife anyone would want to have. For the last 8 years i’ve tried to reason with this man about taking some responsibilities with his children and i would be more than happy to help him out financially. Wish all men were as caring as you. Keep up the fight!! Kim

  6. Keep on plodding away.My mum + dad got divorced when i was young.I never saw my dad for 20 years + he doesnt seem like my dad now.It is a strange relationship and quite distant. Dont lose touch,be patient It WILL work out in the end

  7. Your x must not know that lieing to the court will hurt her in the long run. It can cost her money or jail time depending on how mad she makes the judge. She is giving woman a bad name, she had better stop and think about yall’s son. I mean he is what is important. She definately has issues

  8. I will light a candle for your child. It pains me when I think of how the kids get hurt. I wanted kids also, but for a while now Im sure that was not meant to be, You are truelly blessed having a child. And thank God for a parent like you, who cares.

  9. Grrr. I promise, I am not a violent person… but if I had her address… Grrr. 😛 I hope that everything works out OK for you and the little guy and I hope she gets caught and gets the book thrown at her for perjury.

  10. I have no clue how I even came about your sight, but I am glad I did & I wanted you to know, I will be in prayer for you & your son. Also for your ex! Good Luck

  11. Sorry to hear what you are going through and my heart goes out to you. I have never been divorced before, but my parents were divorced when I was little and I know now that it had to be hard on me and my brother. I will pray for you and your son. Some ex’s can be so cruel and I feel for you having one of those. Be strong and look to God and he will come through for you. Pray about because prayer does work. God bless you and I hope things will get better. I will keep you and your son in my prayers.Hugs,Pam

  12. I sympathize with your custody struggle and wish you luck. Hopefully, the lawyer will be able to help. I enjoyed visiting your site and have some new ideas of how to make my own more enjoyable. Thanks for the comment you posted on my site.

  13. Hey Tom…Advice from a stepmom and a biomom..Don’t get a " nice" lawyer. Get a lawyer who and play mean.Fight for your rights and don’t give.The Biomom to my stepdaughter plays dirty right along with her lawyer. They are mean and could care less about what best for the child. They care about getting away with stuff , lying and more $$$$.Good Luck…please check out this siteIt helps!!

  14. That sucks. I hope it all works out for you with that. I can understnad that her maybe knowing that you want custody or something like that is going to cause some problems because she is not going to give up her kid that easily. I can understand that and maybe she thinks that if she gets proof then she will be brought down and lose her kid. Now that would be scarry to me too. I think that maybe you should have the kid but I also see where she might be afraid also. I just hope that you do not have to pay more because she got a settlement. I hope it all goes well. GOOD LUCK TOM!!!

  15. I hope everything works out for you. I know I have said it before and I will say it again, you deserve to have things work your way. So does Logan. Sorry I havent been by in a while, things have been bsy here….

  16. Hey Tom,I think the lawyer thing is probably the best route in this situation. Although it might cost you some money in the short term, it will probably save you a lot of money, and heartache over the long haul. As always, keep your head up. It will work out.-JC

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  18. you understand what you have to do right? dont waste your money on a lawyer, take that money and invest in a hitman, and he’ll take care of it all….. hey really sorry to hear that your wife cant take the fact that SOMEONE ELSE IS HAVING A BETTER LIFE THAN HER! she seems really really petty, almost as petty as the signs on the bridge toll thing that say $180 fine for toll violation, and its 3 dollars for a toll thing hmmmm

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