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Today was a great day:) when I went to pick my Son up he was asleep and I got to wake him up. This would not too big a deal for me if I had been able to do this since Sept. ’99. It almost brought tears to my eyes. (Yeah, I know booo hoo hoo) We had a great time. We went with my sister and her family to this restaurant called "Bugaboo Creek". Weird name I know. to eat lunch. It was my nieces birthday and we had a little celebration for her.
I let him take some pics but most of them were too blurred from movement. I add the good ones in the album titled "My Son’s New Bike". The one of the airplane was great but he missed some because we were moving in a vehicle. He got most of it anyway. When I used to drive we would stop and he would check it out up close. That as about two years ago and he can still remember those times. It is awesome to know he does. On the way e stopped in to a used car lot to look at another car for my niece because her car died. We saw the go cart and he white car there and I took a few shots of him. The go-cart he saw and of course he had get in it.
He seemed a bit upset about what is going on with his mom and home stuff. We talked about things and I told him that I was working on getting my own home where he can always come in times like this but for now I would ask his mom if he can go to grand moms house for a few weeks. I did ask her but I doughty if she will. I’ll have to keep asking her. Today was helpful for him being away from the chaos for just a little while…tom g

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  1. Hey I have been reading your site and it inspired me to create my own, I still have a lot to learn though. Did this take you long to figure out?

  2. I am so happy you had a good visit with Logan! I hope all is still well with you. Im sorry for such a short note. I am extremly tired though. Ill write more later.

  3. Tom,Glad to hear that y’all had such a great time! What kind of food does that restaurant serve? He took very nice pictures, maybe a future photographer? Hey, and the crying part, don’t even be embarassed about that, my kids can still bring tears to my eyes with little things they say or do out of no where! Be prepared…that will happen for a long time. Hope you have a great rest of the weekend!Larry

  4. So glad that the visit was good and that you got to talk to him about the stuff going on at home, he will need to know that he is free to talk to you, so that it doesn’t stay all bottled up inside him.Thanks for the visit and the comment. I will be linking your site to mine today. Take care and hug that special child of yours.Kathi

  5. Oh so glad he was there, when you went to pick him up. I bet he was glad to get away with you and some of the chaos at his Mom’s. i kow the feeling. He actually did take a good picture, my daughter (6) also takes pictures like that. Soon they’ll be pro’s like us photographer’s LMAO.Anyway Tom, glad you guys had a nice visit, and hope you have many many more like that.Your friend,Patty

  6. So glad you both had fun. I’m sure he feels better to be able to talk about things going on at home. It’s always good to talk things out.Great pictures — :>) Deb

  7. Your site is GREAT! Keep writing and keep spending as much time with your son as possible. I wish I had spent more time with mine.Good Luck and God Bless YouJerry

  8. We’ve got a Bugaboo Creek where I live !! My boys LOVE to go there…I laughed when I read that.. Did you have a Moosebreath burger??:0))

  9. There’s this great website called that has a wonderful e-book written by a professional family lawyer and two parents who have both won custody of their children. It really is wonderful! Check it out sometime! I think it should be back up (from repairs) soon.

  10. Wow your blogs are great..made me sad, made me happy…I caught myself reading on and on lol…Can I add you to my space? I like your family links as’ve inspired me, i should do something at my site like that. Way to go with your son :o) I hope you keep us posted 😉 My son is 10 and HATES to spell or read..getting him to spell camera would frustrate the heck out’a him..I like what you did with the word thingy, and saying it backwards. Makes them think hu. Anyhuw..I’ll stay in touch ~Hugzz Laura~

  11. Just wanted to stop by and say Hi!! I have been out of town for a couple weeks and slow to respond to everyone…but i’m back now!! Thanks for the visits and keep up the great work! Peace & Luv 😉

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