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Hi I had a great day. An old friend stopped by to take me out to eat. She has a 6 year old. Her & her ex get along great. They did the sane thing, sat down and worked thing out themselves. She and I dated long ago and she was always fair about every thing. so I wasn’t surprised to hear her life was going great. We had a long talk about many different things. She did not know I had a Son or even that I was married. I showed her my Space and told her to read through it when she gets some time.

Her Son is a well mannered, smart young man. I had an old computer (500mhz-P2 w/cd-rw, monitor, kbrd, mse, spkrs). I put some reading and spelling software and a few games.(sponge bob, feeding frenzy, ect.). It was just sitting around collecting dust and he love the idea of having his own. She was afraid to let him to use her expensive one.

I was glad she could make up to visit. It got me out of the house and I really needed that.

How was your Fathers Day?

…tom g

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  1. Yes it’s cool with me if you add me to the list. My dad’s fathers day was good. We have good dinner (hamburgers and corn on the cob) and we spent time watching movies and such. That pretty much sums up my dad’s father’s day.

  2. Dude, my heart truley bleads for you, I am not going to patronize you by saying I know how you feel, because I dont, I am a 16 year old guy and my life is pretty fucked up at the moment mainly due to my own foolish doings, I really hope everything get sorted for you, My dad didnt get much from my brother and I since we have diar cash problems but remember your son one day is going to be so fucking proud of you. dude, keep trucking your story has inspired me to keep trying at life. Thanks

  3. Tom,I hope you don’t take some of these negative comments personally. These are ignorant people, and have not a single clue as to whats going on, only what is read, and if these are nothing but the truth then you have that freedom of speech thing going for you.:) That is one reason I started my space was to let the truth be told. For your ex wife letter. I think that was great.Thank god we love in the USA where we can talk about things. We the people who read your space are just making comments and some of us Like me will hope and wish you the best. The others they have nothing but hatred in their lives and instead of dealing with their problems they choose to cut other people down to make themselves feel better.You are a better person for trying to help yourself through a tough time and if this helps you, then i say "GO FOR IT"! it helps me with my family issues.Take care and talk with you soon,Patty

  4. I spent the day playing video games with my husband. He is introducing me to this complicated game called Myst. He finds my fear of new technology funny. The only remotely "father’s day" thing I did was watch this movie on tv called "Look who’s Talking." I am glad you enjoyed your day, you deserve some good times. – Bunny

  5. Well, I was upset to have my daughter at her dad’s yesterday. It was his b-day also.Well, my daughter went over and then when she came back I find out that she smelled like smoke real bad and her dad had his ex-gf there, living with him for awhile with her two boys, in a one bedroom apartment, and that there was a possibility that he was drinking too. I really really don’t want my daughter staying with her dad. I’m sorry but I don’t, and there is nothing I can do about it right now other then try to get sole custody with supervised visitations. Any suggestions would be a great help if you want to post them at my space.

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