Happy Father’s Day!

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Well its that day again. That 1 day of the year set aside to say thanks to fathers. I am not trying to get religious but I want to Honor the last Pope. I have some photos of him in my album. I forgot they were there until last night when I was looking through my photos. It made me think of all the thing he did to make the world a better place. I am glad to have been alive during his time. Well enough about religious stuff.

To Fathers everywhere, Have a great day. Enjoy your special day you deserve it. If you want, come back later and tell how your day was. I’ll be seeing kids of old girlfriends who still call me Dad, but not my bio Son. 3 out of 4 is not too bad, I guess…tom g

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  1. You won’t be seeing your son? I am so sorry! How that must hurt you. I hope, regardless of your situation, that you have a wonderful day!! Happy Father’s Day!! ~hugs~Jamie

  2. Sorry you won’t be seeing your son.but anyway, you’re a great dad so: HAPPY FATHER’S DAY!!!ByeMarian

  3. Why can’t you see your son on Father’s Day? In Texas a parent has the right to visitation, even if they are back on child support The other parent would be held in contempt for withholding visitation.I am not a fan of yours, hence my own blog, but you should be able to see your son.MWM

  4. Have a happy fathers day! Thank you for the inspiration to start my own space. I hope she at least has your son call you. Hang in there, life isn’t all peaches. Your son will pick up on what a loving father you are, I mean, you do have a website dedicated to him! No one can ever take away the love you have for him, just remember that.

  5. I just wanted to stop by and say " Happy father’s day" Even since you won’t be seeing your son, he is always in your heart and you in his.Happy father’s day Tom!Your friend,Patti

  6. Tom,Thank you for your comment. Sure you can add me, I already did you I think about a week ago :PHope your having a great day, putting all things aside. I’ll keep checking up on you seeing how things are going. In my pictures the only 1 child, is the blonde hair blue eyed, six year old is mine. The others are grandkids from my step kids.take care and talk with you soon,Patti

  7. Happy father’s day and just wondering if you figure out how to add music to your space since you asked me last time Hope you have a wonderful day and im sorry that your not seeing your son i havent seen my dad today he didnt spend the night here so in some sense i feel your pain

  8. I rarely read blogs, but I saw this on my msn homepage as being ‘featured’ and I thought it sounded interesting. I do feel sometimes that good men get ‘screwed over’ in divorces, so I came here hoping that I could be supportive. But I’m having some difficulty doing that. In large part, because it seems that you’ve left out information, and I wonder why that is.I did read all the entries in the blog to ensure that I got as accurate of a picture as I could. And before someone starts yelling, “she’s just a bitter ex-wife” I’m not. I’ve never been divorced. I got married 16 years and am still very happily married (a rarity these days, I know). I was, however, a child of divorce and have (unfortunately) seen way too many friends and relatives go through it. Here’s what I noticed when reading your entries:–You mention being disabled, yet you’ve never said what your disability is. Is it any of my business? No, really it’s not, but it does make me wonder. A great many disabled people are able to work in some capacity. Although, it may not be in the job they want or in the job that they previously held. You seem like an intelligent person who is computer savvy, so I wonder exactly what the disability is that doesn’t allow you to work at all.– It appears that you’re allowed 9 hours a month with your child (4 ½ hours every other Saturday—a very small amount), that during that time there has to be a 3rd party present, and that at some point the court ordered you to take a parenting class. Why? I get the impression there was some allegation of abuse (although I don’t think you actually came right out and stated that). Did the court find you ‘guilty’ of this without *any* supporting evidence from your ex? And if there were the case, then wouldn’t you have been ordered to take some kind of ‘anger management’ class (as opposed to, or maybe in addition to, the parenting class)? Again, I just feel like you’ve skimmed over the details, and I’ve found that generally when people do that, it’s because they’re picking out the details that make them look good. — You speak of going to court because you got a ticket for driving with suspended license, but you were doing the heroic thing (my words, not yours). But you don’t mention what your license was suspended for. Maybe it was for not paying child support, or maybe it was for something else, I don’t know. But I wondered why you left the information out. And, by the way, if your neighborhood is such a closely knit community, wasn’t there someone you could have called to go to the store for this sick child’s medicine?– In your very first entry you mention going to court and the judge wouldn’t allow you to mention your ex-wife’s adultery. Yet, you don’t say what you were in court for at that time. If it was to discuss child support, then why would her adultery be relevant to that issue? Also, I almost get the impression that you feel that the state should have done something to save your marriage (ie: the state won’t force people into family counseling, they don’t offer any help keeping the family together, etc). Do you really think it’s the state’s job to save people’s marriage? What’s next? The state deciding who you marry? And I’m sorry, but I find it very hard to believe that a judge would ‘giggle’ and say ‘Delaware is a woman’s state’.–You comment on your belief that children of divorce should have some say in issues, provided that they’re old enough to know what’s going on. But you don’t state what you feel is ‘old enough’. Most states (and actually, probably all states) do allow a child to have their ‘say’ once they reach a certain age. In my state, the age is 12. Do you think it should be lower? Do you really think that, for example, a 6-year-old is capable to deciding what’s best of them? Not the ones that I know. — You talk about not having money for basic necessities (like rent), but then spend money on video games. My father used to give us gifts too. To us it made him look like a hero (which was exactly what he wanted), because after all, Mom never bought us toys. What I know now, is that Mom never bought toys because she couldn’t afford them since Dad wasn’t paying child support and she was spending her money on our necessary items (food, school supplies, etc). That’s what I thought of, when I read your entry.–You comment on being upset that your son sometimes calls your ex’s boyfriend ‘Dad’. I can understand that must have hurt. But, I must admit that I then found it a little ironic when you stated, “I’ll be seeing kids of old girlfriends who still call me Dad.”Hey, these are just my personal thoughts, and you can disregard them if you are so inclined.I will admit that your son is absolutely adorable!

  9. Wow, that’s rough not seeing your son. Still, I hope you enjoyed the day nonetheless. I know I did… but Happy Father’s Day! I hope next year you’ll be more lucky.

  10. Wow Momof2. You certainly have jumped to some conclusions. Some of them I can see – you are entitled to your opinions. However, you state that you are not divorced. That is wonderful, and I’m not being sarcastic. However, I think you would be shocked to learn of some of the things that go on in divorces. As to the judge giggling and saying "Delaware is a woman’s state" – why would you find this hard to believe? Start by reading some of what’s available on the web – No proof (and I mean NO proof) beyond a woman saying "I suspect I’ll be hurt" is needed to initiate, and sustain, an action against a husband. Even if it is clear that the abuse charge is false it is still unlikely that the husband will be cleared. Even if the wife who made the original charges recants and admits the charges are false there is a very small likelihood that the charges will be dropped. Don’t believe me, do the research. This is the most abused weapon of divorce.Before I went through some of this myself I would have had a hard time believing some of it myself.http://www.massnews.com/past_issues/other/8_Aug/domviin.htm

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