My Birthday

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I was read some e-mails and just happend to notice the date. It was my birthday! How could I forget? I guess when we get older it dosen’t mean as much.

I found out by e-mail that I am being concidered for somthing cool. I do not want to say much more now because I asked it it would be ok to mention here and I have’nt recieved an answer yet. I can say it has to do with my "Space". I’ll keep my fingers crossed!…tg/logandaddy

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  1. Of course…..birthdays do not matter too much when you get older. I gave up on my birthdays when everyone kept forgetting that it was my birthday. My ex couldn’t never remember my birthday and it is the day after his nephews…..go figure. So on a happier note I hope that you were able to go out and celebrate alittle for yours. I am making big plans for mine this year. NO KIDS EITHER. I was thinking of the beach for the weekend just me and a few girlfriends and just have a blast the whole weekend. Since I never get the time to do it with work and 4 kids. Teenage drama at that..well atleast 1 and another headed right behind her. Too many girls…:)

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