More snow !

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We got more snow, about 3 inches last night. It is a bit cold too. I went out and drove around in it about 3:00 am just to see how bad it was. There was no one out on the roads. Good thing too because it the roads were slick.
I went to the mall Sunday and while walking around, a woman working at one of the seasonal booths set up got me to try some hand lotion with salt from the Dead Sea. It was rough and was supposed to take off the old skin and leave hands smooth. Mine were not used to that kind of treatment. I just did it because I thought she was kind of cute and had a really nice accent. She was from NY City but born around Israel. I loved eyes too. Something about them caught mine. We talked and laughed while I SLOWLY try the product. I just wanted to chat and find out as much as possible about her. She asked how old I was, I made her guess. She said, If I remember correctly, 27. I am 37 so it made me feel great to think someone thinks I look that young. We talked about my Son too briefly.  I was too afraid to ask for her number so I just gave her my email address and this Space address. I hope she stops by and leaves a comment or emails me. We did talk about a lot of stuff but I don’t want to go into details. I can say she was a really sweet, warm hearted, intelligent woman. It’s been a while since I had a good conversation in person.
Well thats about all I have to write today. I am still messing with an entriy about why people think I hate Christmas so stay tuned, b4n…tom g

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  1. Thanks for swinging past my site. I am glad you found a friend that could maybe lead to more…;-) No one needs to be alone. And you are a great guy that deserves good things in life. Have a good one and stop by again soon. Always have something new going on…lol.~Angi

  2. so how do your hands feel???? funny way a person can meet people ey??hate christmas???? i hope notha hatalk to you later i saw you stopped by my space. i hope this december is going good for you so far……. is it??tonikka

  3. Hello there,Thank you for stopping in and leaving a message. And thank you in advance for the help I know I will need :)Reading your entry today… and curious as to why you did not ask her for the number? Also curious, did the dead sea lotion make your hands feel better 🙂 ?Take care, best of wishesKeppiegirl

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