Speaking of “Snowflakes”…

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…it snowed today! It was only about an 1/8′ but it was cool:) I don’t mind clearing the car off when it is the first of the season and it only being a dusting. I have been writing some entries as drafts because they need some more work. I have to take into consideration others feelings about the past Christmas’ of my family.
Starting Monday I intend to write something every day even if it is to say that nothing happened. I should be able to think of something like this card I got in an email. I’ ll be back tomarrow…tom g

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  1. Hey Tom, Hope you’re having a great weekend! It snowed here too, a couple of inches. I’m still waiting for a big storm. LOL I try to write something every day but with the holiday season upon us it’s not so simple. I usually do a headline of the week that I post on Friday afternoons and I only just posted. I have to change songs too. I’m looking forward to reading your daily posts.

  2. hey tom just stopping in to read up. I feel horrible for not updating my site. I have just been so busy and never have the spare time anymore. I have most things under control for now and hope to blogg more often.

  3. hiya Tom.. I think it’s the season we’re all laggin a little bit in updating our blogs.. Just checkin in on ya to see how things were goin.. Hope you had an awesome weekend.. cya laterMichele

  4. BY THE WAY… haha how did you get your counter where it is… i just can’t figure it out.. been puttin it at the bottom of my custom html boxHave a good nite!Michele

  5. Hey there I am new to your site and I must say it is really cool. I hope you dont mind if I come by again some day to see how this changes up. You and anyone else is more than welcome to come check out mine. I don’t bite….lol. Hope you have a great week.~Angi

  6. I’ve never been to the snow, or even seen it in reality, what a shame. Anyway, hope all is going well. Take care.

  7. Hi Tom, Remember me ;). I hope all is well with you and Logan. I have not been able to keep up with my soace much latley, much less any one elses. But, one more week and the semester is over and I will be able to be more attentive to what is going on with my space and everyone elses.Anyway, I wanted to stop in and say hello and let you know that I was thinking about you!

  8. Hello Tom, It has snowed here too..and it is soooo cold.Your blog looks great…How did/do you get the songs to play on the web? I can not seem to figure it out :)I hope all is going well with you..Take care, best wishesKeppiegirl

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