Lost Connection

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Today was a crazy day! When I tried to get online I couldn’t. I think my dsl modem is not working. I left the window open a few days ago and it got wet. I unpplugged it and opened it up to dry out. I out it back together and it worked fine. Now I think it’s done for. So if I missed returning comments, please forgive me if you left one and I did not thank you.

I have a neighbor who asked me to set up his wireless dsl modem. He is going to leave on his wireless connection so I can go online from my wireless adapter. It seems to work ok I can not tell a difference. Thanks Elmer!

Other than that my day was pretty dull. I hope to write more tomarrow.My neices graduation tonight and I have to find someting to wear. I have not done laundry for for days and I am not shure if what I want to wear is ckean. If not, i’ll be doing my wash in the morning. I hate doing the wash. I’d rether wash dishes. Bye for now…tom g/logansdaddy

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