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I found this great poem, enjoy!


Jacob’s Ritual

By David Francis Spring

 Your wailing in the nights silence

 Is my patience true test

 Removed from my warm bed

The coldness hits my chest


 Exhausted and frustrated

 I stumbled to the door

Standing, upset and frightened

 Your bear was on the floor

 I quickly picked you up

 And gave you back your bear

 You reached up toward my head

 And ran your hands through my hair


 You stared into my eyes

 A moment, forever,

 I hoped would last

A mirror stood between us,

 Reflecting your future and my past


Drifting off to sleep

You held my neck so very tightly

 Nestled on my shoulder

 I tilted your head just so slightly


Never have I known

 A moment so tender and so sweet

 A warmth flushed my body

 Your comfort spawned the heat


Now I’ll lay you down

 So you can dream of days ahead

 I’ll tuck you in so softly

 So tenderly in your bed


I’ll always be there for you

No matter what, where or when

 But now I must get my rest

 For soon, you’ll have me up again .


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8 Replies to “Great Poem”

  1. A man who likes poems…pretty awesome. Reading a good poem every once in awhile helps me clear my thoughts. It doesn’t matter what type. Every so often I will come across a good one. Ironically I quit smoking last year for 6 months after my granny died but and I did real good until my husband started to smoke again and then he started his bull again so i gradually started smoking again. I was mad at myself for it but if I hadn’t I would have probably hurt him. That is how much stress he put through. I don’t really smoke alot to begin with but I just thought I should try and quit again. I will keep trying though.

  2. that was a nice poem, it touches me deeply, got choked up, couldn’t really cry, there are other people around me….I can sense that you are a wonderful father, hope everything turns well. Goodluck and may God bless you.

  3. The more i read this the more I think. It is great to see a Dad that loves his child so much. I have three children like I said in the comments for To Go or Not to Go they are not with me due to health reasons. The older 2’s real dad is still alive but wants nothing to do with them at all. They decided that my late husband was their dad and no one else I tried not to let it happen but that is the way they want it. Keep up the good work it will sure pay off later on.

  4. i hate dishes lol maybe you could do my dishes and i will wash your clothes lol maybe not since im in ohio i really like reading your stuff it is inspirational to me and i hope to others

  5. I have walked in your shoes, and written my own "Book". I raised my two boys from the ages of 9 & 4. I made mistakes along the line, and would love to "Re-do" some of the mistakes. Through it all, I worried about being too masculine, and not giving them the feminine side of life at all. That started 20 years ago, when being Mr. Mom was only in the movies, and not a reality. My sons are grown now, 28 and 24, and I would not trade any experience in life over the raising of these two. My committment was to do the best I could… and I think I did, and to always tell them that I loved them… which I do to this day. I will never be proesident of the United States, or out Trump Trump… but I have loved two sons as much as anyone, and given them all I could as a parent. I can rest with that on my side of the ledger when the day is done. I know that you will as well, and that your "book" will have highlights & lowlights… but you will prevail as long as you love your son.

  6. Nice poem. It does however make me think the author has read another poem very similar in content called, "Little sleep’s head sprouting hair in the moonlight" by the Irish poet Galway Kinnell which you can find and compare on this website: first became familiar with this poem in a literature class I took in college and it has become one of my personal favorites. We all need some poetry every now and then… Keep reading things that inspire you!! 😀

  7. HI tom g! You sound like a super Dad and you love your son sooooooooo much!! I loved your poem, it touched my heart and I almost cried. My 2 sons and 2 daughters have had a hard time with their spouses too and with the kids,so I definetly know what you are going through! Your son is such a good looking little guy..just like my grandkids. If I was at your place your clothes would be washed all the time!! I live in Minnesota,so sorry about that. Some lucky gal will get you some are a great person and I love reading your blogs! I wish you the BEST OF LUCK IN THE WORLD!!!! Keep a positive attitude and you will make it through anything. Take Care, God Bless You & Your Son. You sure made my day!! A Loving Mom & Grandma.. Tootsie77343

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