Logan Won In Court Today!

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 I was mistaken, I did have Court today after all! The trial that was rescheduled until March was for the harassment thing. I was worried that my ex would not go because of what I told her so I called my bro in-law to call her and let her know that we DID have to be there today. My ex ended up calling me back so I told her that we had to be there and I made a mistake. She was worried that my atty would be there and wanted to talk about things first. We worked out Manet things.
I knew that my atty would not be there, he told me a while ago. He had an all day trial and the Judge we had never allows trials to be re-scheduled. I did not want my ex to know this until the trial today. The first thing that the Judge asked her was "where does it say that I am to have supervised visits?". She couldn’t say exactly only that she THOUGHT it said that somewhere. There was no such order! All the times she refused to allow my visits without someone was all made up in her hed. The sad thing is that the system chose to believe her with out any proof, only her word and a bunch of well timed tears.
I think the Christmas Spirit descended upon her or she has finally started to realize the harm she doing to our Son. I do not think she knowingly gave me the best Christmas present ever but she did. We managed to agree on many issues that have been at the root of most of our troubles. We even agreed to work to stop the harassment thing that has been put off now until March. It is still an obstacle to communicating with her about the future changes. It is the only thing that has to be fixed and she said she would write to the Attorney General to explain she wants to not pursue the Harassment charges. The PFA she was denied on the same complaints and I do not think she wants to loose again on the harassment. She would have to play the tape in court and it would not contain what she claimed it did. I would rather drop it than prove her wrong again.
Well, we agreed starting after the new year I can pick up Logan every other Friday from school or daycare and drop him off Sunday night before 7:30pm:) I NOW have joint (EQUAL) custody in all aspects of his life except that she has primary residential custody:) The Judge was surprised that she was so willing to work this all out and seem as suspicious as I was but it is a done deal now. She can’t easily "take it all back" now. It hasn’t all hit me yet, I still think it is all a dream. I wonder what got into her? What ever it was she needs more!
I am still considering her old apartment until July. I still have a few more things to look into about my own place first but its not looking good. I have a limited provable income so I am having problems finding a new home. I would love to have my own home bought and paid for instead of renting.
I guess  now most of my struggles are over:) For now any way! I would like to thank all my Space fiends for supporting me when thing were not looking so great. You have all kept the "fire" going in my heart. It was down to a few glowing embers and your comments have been like pure oxygen feeding it. Today, it is again a raging 4 alarm fire which won’t easily be extinguished. Thank you all so much.
Oh yeah, the day before Christmas, (SAT) I have him until 8:00pm! I will have time to maybe visit my brother and hi wife in Dover DE! At least have a big  Holiday meal with him, a first. I’ll still be writing about our new times together. Bye for now     …tom g

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  1. I’ve been reading your blog for a few weeks now. I’m in the early stages of separation, but while it is friendly at the moment, I know what she’s not telling me and I think it’s over. Your blog is helping me grasp the idea of not having my two kids with me all the time. It kills me. Anyway, congrats on the better arrangement. It gives hope that everything doesn’t have to always go against me because I’m the dad. Have a great Christmas!

  2. Ive been reading your site for a long time but have never left a message. This time I just wanted to say congratulations!!!!!! What a great Christmas present!!!

  3. OMIGOD Tom, Christmas Wishes really do come true. You both won, as I see it. I am so glad that she has, hopefully, turned over a new leaf. With any luck, the harassment will simply go away. Congrats! I am so happy for you!!!Jolie

  4. Tom,I think that prayer got into her. I did concentrate on you and Logan twice, once on a silent early morning drive to work and then again at night. I am really happy for you. I know how you feel about it don’t seem real. I still can not let myself fully relax knowing Allie is safe…..God Bless you Tom. You get to see Logan wake up in the morning and fall asleep at night!!!!Dominique

  5. What a wonderful entry to read today. I am so happy for you :)Enjoy all your time together…… as I am sure that you will.Take care,Keppiegirl

  6. Christmas miracles truly do come true. May you and your son have the best Christmas Eve together. He is a beautiful child; you are blessed. Best of everything to you and your son.Merry Christmas and Wishes for a much Happier New Year!Kathleen

  7. OOPS! I’m such a dork! I posted my last comment in the wrong spot! Oh, well, you get the picture!! LOLTake care, Carrie

  8. That is soo awesome!!!I’m so happy for you and your son!!! Merry Chrismas to you and Your son!!I’m glad your ex is finally doing what’s best for your son!Michele

  9. WOW! That is all I can say! That sounds great and I am happy that you have been given the chance to see your son more. I don;t know what I would do without my children. They are the angels in my life even though at times I get very stressed!!! I hope you and your son have a very merry x-mas and the new year brings you great things. I have read your blog a couple of times and thought that I would leave a comment. Oh and what about a picture of yourself?

  10. I’ve just started reading your blog today..found on a friends’ of mine blog. The one thing that appears to be so apparent is that both you and your ex love your son and want no harm to come to him. This in itself is a blessing..one that many young lives do not have. Parents that truly love you. Life comes one day at a time..be well and smile.lisa

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