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I hate shopping! Today at the mall this guy got mad because I did not let him out in front of me in the parking lot. He started screaming and drove around on the wrong side of the road to get beside me at a stop sign. I just took off and drove on to the exit of the mall. I looked back and he was flying up behind me with his middle fingers up at me. I had a red light and was behind a few other cars so I could not avoid him any more. He jumps out of his car and I did too. He started yelling and I asked him who he thought he was for me to just part the road to let HIM through. He said he wanted to kick my a%$ so I invited him to try. Just then someone else jumped out of his car. Not good! I did not see him. I was not about to fall for the two no one thing so I had a plan "B". I had noticed that a salt truck must have been at this light with it’s salt spreader thing still running and left a pile of salt. I dropped my keys and when I picked them up I also got some of that salt. Just as i stood back up the first guy was running at me so I crammed the salt right in both his eyes. He dropped to the road with agony and the second guy ran over to help him. I noticed the light changed so I wished them a merry Christmas and left. I did not want any trouble, I was perfectly willing to turn the other cheek and all but this guy all but asked to have his day ruined. I could have handled the one guy but not both. I know my limit. I am not as quick as I used to be. I have not had anything like this happen in a long time, I still run through it in my head trying to think of a way I could have done it by just talking it out, but as I have found not everyone is willing to listen. I do feel a bit guilty for what I did, should I? How would you handle this situation?
I did get most of my shopping done witch is I guess a good thing since time is running out. I am anxious to start having my Son for over night visits. I am making a list of all the things we can do now that we won’t be in a rush for time any more. I will be able to read a book to him at night and cook a big breakfast for him when he wakes up. It will be awesome for both of us, I can’t wait…tom g

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  1. I am not sure what I would have done in your situation about the road rage. That is a tough call. I am glad it didn’t come to blows though.Only 5 more days till Christmas!Your weekend visits with your son sound great. I am happy for you guys.

  2. Been in a similar situation and walked away peacefully. Was angry for a day and a half for not standing up for myself. Glad your’s worked out.We are basically separated (still living together) while she works things out. There is some hope she’ll want to work on staying together, but I’m pretty sure she’s going to leave for good. I find strength in your posts about your son. I’ll be lost without my two and have much difficulty in seeing a happy life for me afterwards. Hopeing for more than weekends.Have a great time with your son! It’s probably not what you end up doing as much as that you are doing something with him. Merry Christmas!

  3. Hi Tom,Thanks for visitng my space, I enjoy cooking.Shopping is wonderful moment for women. I like shopping. BTW, don’t let other things ruined your happy day. Merry X’mas to you and your son Logan .

  4. ……….@……………….vvv……………..v@v…………….@vv@…………..@v@v@………..v@vvv@v……….@vv@vv@…………..IIII……….Merry Xmas to you and yours. I pray that you reach your goals and dreams in the coming year.HugsYolanda

  5. Hi it’s me again. Haha.Chinese do celebrate Xmas expecially in the big cities in China. We have planned going out for seafood hot pot at the Chirstmas night. Hope Logan will have a wonderful holiday with his parents together. Is it possible?

  6. Thank God you weren’t injured. I had someone get out of their car and yell at me. On a three lane street, they were in the middle lane, trying to make a left turn, in front of me, almost wrecking my car. Then he has the nerve to get out and yell at me. If the cop did not walk over to us and tell him to get back in his car, I’d be in jail for clubbing him with my CLUB. Ha Ha Ha.

  7. some ppl have all the nerve. I rememeber when i was driving in a truck that had no driver side window. That some chick had cut me off on a dargerous spot on the road. So i did what any driven has the given right to do ….I flipped her off. I continued to drive , she then cut me off, stopped in mid traffic, got out of the car and slapped me hard in the face. Dumb Bi*#h! All I could do was sit there I was so stunned that some one had the nerve to do this. All she said was how dare I flip her off in front of her kids. I turned and looked at her car I saw two kids watching the whole thing. I guess finger gestures are completely wrong, but hitting is alright in her eyes. Some ppl have their morals so out of whack. Anyways I hope you and Logan have a great holiday!~Angi

  8. You did the best thing under the circumstances. Don’t dwell on what else you could have done different because you would have done the same thing again simply because you used your wits and what was available to end the confrontation. Kudos to you sir.I too am divorced from my son’s mother. Tough for all dads who want to be a part of his son’s life full-time. I live in TN. and Son (4 y/o) lives in FL with his mom. I have remarried and plan to move Back to FL within a year. I wish you the best of luck.

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