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I was away from my computer. I had doctors appointments and other things I needed to get done. I need a break from it for a bit. My Dr gave me new script to take. The pill made me sleep for about 20hrs!. Thats why I hate taking them. They usually make things worse. Too many side effects. Sure I didn’t feel any pain while I was asleep but It would have been nice to be awake to enjoy it. Don’t think I’ll be taking that stuff again. It made me itchy all over too.

I am still trying to get through all comment to reply but now I forgot where I stopped. So now I have to try to remember witch I did and witch I have yet to do. I am working on some tips on how to get more visits to your Space. I have a few hints and suggestions not that I am a MSN Spaces pro or anything. Many people have ask for my advice to help with their Space. I will try. Maybe by Saturday night or Sunday so check back. There is a few other Space that have tons of stuff to personalize your Space I give them out here too.

If any has any hints or suggestions about Spaces, put it in a comment. Thanks for visiting…tom g

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  1. Hi Tom – don’t worry about getting back to me — I just keep checking in – makin sure your ok and to keep up to date. Being MSN’s featured space is sure to keep you plenty busy. I’m just happy to see you have me in your favorite spaces column. I’m sure you’ll check in sometime. Debbie

  2. hi…umm….umm…..i love the space….an the pics og the pudgy baby….yaw…so….um…ok bye!

  3. Sounds like he gave you Lortabs or something. Those things will make you itch! Especially your nose. :oÞ

  4. im really sorry the medication did that to you – i have…an aquantience who is suffering from hepatitis. he has had this since around 1980. recently, it progressed to stage 4 (the last stage) in only 2 years (way too fast!). the doctors say he doesnt have much time left, but he is trying everything to make the best of it. the only problem? the pills the doctors give him – they make him feel tired, unhappy, and like he has the flu 24/7. so he is now trying acupuncture (spelling?) and it is working pretty well. i dont know what your illness is, but maybe acupuncture would help?~mandy

  5. I am totally interested in all of your ideas for getting more hits. I am sure you noticed when you visited my space yesterday that I got some ideas for sections off of yours. You probably noticed I have visited a lot. Anyway, I am sorry your meds are messing with your mind! I still haven’t had a chance to read all of your blog, but I will!

  6. I just wanted to say hello. I just kind of stumbled upon your blog one day. As a newly divorced mother of two little ones, it is so nice to hear about a father who actually wants to be an active part of their children’s lives. Keep your head up, and take the high road. Your son will appreciate it and love and respect you all the more for it. Crazy bit of irony, my ex is from Newark, DE. Small world. Take care. Michelle

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