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I had many different ideas for my Space at first. To get some ideas at first I looked at others for ideas and used them. It took some time to figure out how to use all the features. I was going to completely make up a life. Like maybe even as if it were in the future(2070) or the past(1800’s). There were a few Spaces I came across that seemed to be like this. The life they write about is so bad it it could be made up. I don’t know. What do you think is it real? I keep going back to read this one:

One could use their Space to write about what they know most about, like bugs, geography, sports, or even make like a "Soap" where they invent characters and tell only a bit of the story each day. With all the suspense and drama of the real thing. This would be a great idea for someone who had the skill need to do it right. If you know a lot of jokes or riddles that is something I have not seen yet and it’s a cool idea too. Too many ideas exist to list.

Try to keep to one or two topics. If a holiday is coming up it would help to write about it.

Invite people to leave a comment or an opinion by asking "What do you think?", or "Please leave your opinion." These extra few words are responsible for about 40% of all comment I received!

Most visitor look for two things, your photos and your profile(where your from). It took me a lot of thought but I think it helps to put photos at top to draw people "in". I choose to put profile at bottom because that way people will have to scroll down to see it. On the way down they get to see all the other stuff I have. With these at top most will not look further if they get this all at once. It might be just me but I like changing things around and the background(theme). It lets returning visitors that I have made updates. When updates to a Space is made it shows up on the More Spaces page here:

I am not sure but I think you might have to make the Updates Spaces module visible on your Space to show up on the More Spaces page(comment if you know for sure). You can put it way at the bottom like I did if you don’t really like it taking up room.

Leave comments, the best way to get comments is to leave them! I like to leave them. I spent many hours leaving them. Eventually it all comes back to you The more links you leave the better. Create a guest book or if you find a Space you like, make a Favorites list. It will help to get visitors to both Spaces. Most people will agree to put your link on their Space in return.

When I give my opinion I try to say "in my opinion" or if I’m not sure about something I’ll say I’m not. I also find it helpful to be honest because then you won’t "tell" the same story over again two different ways. People will quickly pick this up.

One odd thing if it interest you is the funny places a Space can end up. I did a search for links to my Space and found this site:

I guess my Space is like a stock or something? How it got there or who put it there I do not know but its pretty… neat I think.:) Try doing a search for your Space on a few search engines.

As I think of more things or if some one comments with a good suggestion I’ll write about it. For now I have to go. Check out my page view totals for the week I was featured. I put a few screen shots of my stats page in a photo album. If you were featured let me know what your totals were. I am wondering if this is about average. Thanks…tom g



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  1. We can’t read those first 2 spaces and I am interested in what space you keep going back to. Bizarre factor?

  2. Tom,I have never been featured in the spotlight. Guess my life isn’t intresting enough. hehe , LOLI think you got some real good ideas your wrote out. I do what you said all the time to draw more attention to my space. I try to change it all the time, even if I write something and re-read it I always click publish and it shows up in the updated spaces also.Anyway keep up the good work,Patty

  3. Oh yeah I think I’ll change my space around like you said about having to scroll all the way down to see the whole space and not just the top portion. :)Me again 🙂

  4. Tom,Great ideas for the spaces, should probably follow a few myself. I look at my space and probably need to add some blogging at least once every other day. Pictures I am definitely not short of…I average probably 3000 per year. I am going to start rotating them. I am in the midst of starting a new life and am realizing how much time it is going to take to invest into our new life. I am in the technical/IT field and have quite a few options of businesses and quite a few ideas. Problem 1 – figuring out which is the best for me and my boys. I have always wanted to have a job that enables me to spend more time with my kids and less time working, couped up in an office and feeling helpless when other departments ask me to do something I am able to but having my boss tell me "they should have been doing this all along…don’t help them on that, do this instead", leaving the other party in tears. I just don’t think that is any way to treat other departments when the entire entity is supposed to be a "team". Hence here I am, scared to death, excited as I have ever been, learning more and more everyday. Well, I have a bit of research to do so I will probably comment later on another blog I am sure. Larry

  5. Hi Tom, I know I havent left a comment in a while. Im sorry. I have been comming by and reading your entries though. How are things going with you and your son? I hope all is well and I hope to hear from you soon.

  6. hey tom! thanks for all the cool ideas about spaces – i especially like the one about putting your profile at the bottom – great idea! i think ill do that. i added a lot more pictures (been doing that slowly over the last week). also, i need some advice: i really want to be honest in my space because, after all, i began it so i can have an emotional outlet, or so i can work out problems im going through. do you think that writing about that will scare people away?mandypsi like your background – mine is the same! i use it because my space is called mandys *universe* 🙂

  7. ps…againif you want us to be able to click on the links, then after you type them, just hit the space bar once, and it should either 1. change color or 2. have a line under it. that way, people can just click on the link and the website will pop up.:)

  8. Hey those are excellent suggestions about getting people to visit your space. I’m not really too concerned about having crowds of people leaving comments, I’d never have the time to respond in kind. I was wondering why you were changing your background constantly. Any changes at all you make does put your space onto the list of "more spaces." I find that people will definately visit your space if you leave a comment. I like to go through my stats and see who have been coming and going and checking back. I like putting profile and picture on the top because it’s more visually appealing to me. When I visit someone else’s space I read their blog first. If I am compelled to read more, then I make the effort to find out more about their life. I like seeing where people are from because I am more likely to read someone’s blog if they are from the same area as me. – Bunny

  9. Tom, Great job on your space. I am always finding myself coming back to read what you have to say. That’s amazing you found the stocks thing. My question on that is… "Why aren’t you getting any moneys for that?" lol geeesh it would be nice!!! well.. anyways.. I have another question… it refers to the spaces… How do I get your space added to my space? as like you have your fav. spaces… I am not very smart at these things and would appreciate any help you could send my way. Thanks again.DazedKitten

  10. Thanks for visiting my space and for the tips you gave here. It is great to see you focus on something else other than struggles. Good luck

  11. Yeah, I need to work on mine, but am busy with the novel, so I tend to stay with one thing once I get it!

  12. Thanks Tom! I was in need of a little help and your suggestions are good. I went ot my space and changed some stuff. We will see what happens.Best to youKathi

  13. hey Tom!! you helped me lots with your suggestions and tips!! Thank you tons!!! Youe space rocks, and not because it has nice photos and interesting stories, but the feeling and emotions! I love your Space!! I would like u to see mine as well!! please! i strugges with it, and want someone to gudge it!!Thank u so much!!

  14. Great ideas!! To answer a few of your questions…I don’t have the updated list on my space, but when I update, I still get listed on the update page. (I’ve seen it there) As far as stats…when I was featured, I started with a little over 5000 hits. By the time my feature was up, I had 135000! Couldn’t believe it!! I hope you enjoy your weekend!! ~hugs~Jamie

  15. Actually, you can get on the "More Spaces" list without having an Updated Spaces module on your blog. I don’t have it on mine, but my stats tell me I’ve gotten people from there!

  16. those are good ideas 🙂 I also know what you mean about your blog showing up in weird places. I’ve had 4 different links in my statistics from this page It’s a search engine for Chinese or Japanese (i am not sure, I don’t know those languages). ~ Pam

  17. Tom,You are so helpful. I did not even know this blog was here until I saw you featured on the msn homepage! Your site looks great. I do not have a digital camera, as of now, so I can not publish many photos. I hope to get one soon.

  18. I know, I had that happen too (the stock thing) – mine actually came right to my site through the tracking part, that’s when I turned off the ‘track’ option, which means only people who actually have an account/msn space can now leave that track link. For the most part, they say the ‘tracking’ stuff, such as what we got, is like spam/it’s just garbage. But who really knows?!
    I have an idea, but I can’t share it with anyone just yet 🙂 When I’ve worked it all out then I’ll share it with everyone, who knows if it’ll fly, we’ll see, but it’s fun just coming up with the ideas isn’t it!

  19. Thank You! this was very helpful in setting up my own page. I now have some idea of what I would like to say in my blog. Once again thank you and once I’m up and running you can check my space out. I don’t have digital camera, but I’m working on it. You have a bless day.

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