200,000 visitors…and counting!

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I don’t always look at my stats but today I did and noticed that I had passed 200,000 visitors since February. It helped to be featured on the "Best Of MSN Spaces" during the week of Fathers Day. Thank you MSN for 180,000 of those visitors during that week alone! Usually I get about 150-300 visitor a day depending on if I write an entry and the topic. I added a photo of my stats to my stats photo album.
I always wanted to count how many comment i have in total but have no easy way to count them. Maybe one day when I am really bored I might. It never stops amazing me how many people I have met and the amount of support every one has given, I am truly blessed. If it were not for all of you I may have given up long ago. I wish I could shake your hands or give a big hug to all of you in person, but unfortunately, a few written words on a little blog is the best I can do…tom g 

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  1. Tom, I have been struggling with the fact that my daughter’s Father has not even wanted to be there for her birth. I will say this though. I have come to find out that he has other children out there by all different women and even the woman he is with now is due soon. He loves getting women pregnant and even taking advantage of women when there at their lowest point in life like me, I was in the middle of a divorce and heof course came over and told me that I needed to get out for a while. He even told my Mom that he was going to take me out for dinner to cheer me up. Well that never took place…… And my Ex’s girlfriend has a daughter with him as well. He is paying child support for her but he won’t see her either. and he had date raped her.So you see this is what my life is. and I don’t even have the money to go after him for child support either.

  2. Tom- Wow, I think you should introduce your X to mine! They sound like they would be great together… you know what they say about misery loves company : ) It was nice to read about your new goings on, and sounds like your keeping it together. I’m a single mom of 3 and know that some times it all seems so crazy… I am not only a single mom, but I’m also a full time studen as well as full time employed. When I think I just can’t keep up the fight I remind myself that if I was not here.. my children would have to put up with him… and that keeps me going. Well, like I said… keep it up, you sound like a great guy doing the right thing.

  3. Good enough for me. Glad to see you in a happier state today. I hope things are gonna go your way still! =)Tammy

  4. Hello friend,I thought I’ll tag you just for fun…since you have been struggling I wish I can make you smile even just for a second.Please visit my blog to see.You have been tagged by me.Take care,Lalane

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