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**this is only a test!
 I found a cool place to store some mp3s and just seeing if it works right. If it does I will be able to change songs more often.
Comment if you think it takes a while for the music to start or if you have any weird problems, thanks for the feedback…tom g
** 8/13/05 5:30pm
Well I got things worked out for now! I think the media player "thingy" is the coo;est way to do the music "thing". I am working on a entry to thank all who have helped me with adding it. It so easy and I plan to share it with all my visitors soon. I have to ask them if it is ok to share the info. I am sure they won’t mind but I still have to ask.
The player module is not aligned with the others at the top, hummm… but it works and I am sure O can fix that too. I hope to have the "how to"  entry by Monday. thanks for visiting my Space and I hope you like the updates…tom g

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  1. Your right…..for this sort of thing..um, let’s seee….I use it with that Media player that i have on my space and it loads instantly…but this way…try Walagata.com….they should have free acounts although i’ve heard that is no longer so. worth a shot though.~Cheers~I’m off to bed, but i will be back tomorrow, lol…for that player thingy…if your interested..go see Canadian Hawk on my space links. Uploadhut works with that…you just have to snag the URL out of that mess of codes they give you and there are two of them, one works…NIght NIght =D

  2. i think it is annoying that the music starts unsolicited, and the only way i found to stop it is to leave your site. maybe you could have a link or something we could click if we wanted to hear it?

  3. Hey there, I just read your comment on my space, of course you can link to me! How polite of you to ask – I just linked you without ever asking. :PAs for the music, here is a "weird" thing for you – I can hear it on my laptop that has Vista (new Windows OS that is still in testing), but I can’t hear it on the PC that still has XP OS on it. **shrugs shoulders**

  4. how do you add the music? I like it Tom. I am so glad you got your driving priveledges back. I have court monday and tuesday, please say your prayers.

  5. I did not hear anything start to play. I found these for you to try it worked on my site but I took the music off because I use mine at work all the time but try this. Right, what you need to do is start a new blog entry(I found this easiest, until you get the hang of it), and then click the html button. Some symbols like this <DIV></DIV> should come up – delete them. In their place, copy and paste this code:<p align=center> <img loop=infinite dynsrc="http://home.comcast.net/~tina771/spongebobsquarepantstheme.mp3&quot; width=0 height=0> <br> Now, to explain just quickly, the web address in speech marks is the site where the song is located I used "http://home.comcast.net/~tina771/spongebobsquarepantstheme.mp3&quot; just to show you where it goes. Change that to the location where your song is. and it will then play for you.

  6. __{~._.~}___ ( Y )__()~*~()__ (_)-(_)TeDdy DeAr CuDdLeS & HUGS!!!Just stopping by to spread some love.A few days late (dsl was down) & a dollar short but always welcome!Keeping it REAL!!! Booyah!!D€ Gûr£ ô¿~

  7. hey that’s really neat! i thought the music wasnt going to work but it started after about 10 seconds. might just be my slow computer. – bunny

  8. Looking forward to the "how to" post – I want music on my blog too! And you are very good at writing directions. 🙂 Have a good night.

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