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Today we took Logan, his friend Sumerlyn, and his brother to Chuck-E-Cheeze’s to have fun. They had a blast for 2 hours. They got to play every game in the place. They got tons of them ticket things to trade for prizes. I wish there was a place like that when I was young. I enjoy seeing all the kids running around and not getting yelled at for it. Also, the way they all get along with each other, I learn a lot from them.
Logan got into trouble yesterday by sliding across the gym floor after being told to stop a few times. For that we weren’t going to let him go to ck. chez. but since it was planned for a while we decided to let him go. He is not allowed to play Game Boy or computer games for rest of this week instead of not going to ck chez. He did not want to get up for school this morning so we are making him go to bed earlier and he hates it. He walks his "Logan Walk" down the hall to his bedroom. It looks so sad. He tries to come up with reason to get me to come in there. Once he called me to say there was a big hairy spider crawling on his bed and I should help him by letting him sleep in my bed in the other room but I just searched his bed and assured him there was not a spider in his bed. I think I might have tried that one a long, long time ago.
Other than that everything is going ok still. No storms…tom g

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  1. Good memories are being made.
    I think he is testing limits now that the living arrangement has changed.  He should settle down after he gets used to it and knows he can count on your disciplinary boundries.
    I hope that you don’t have any storms.  I really do.

  2. you are very lucky to get time to share with your kids i have lost my daughter in a legal bettle and i am completely lost is in adding anything here. before this i have spent evry waking moment with her and and missing her. God bless.

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