Happy New Year!

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It’s the last day of the year once again but his year ended on a positive note. It was pretty cool because I got to take my Son to see King Kong the movie. He had a great time and loved all the parts with Kong in it. He thought it was neat when Kong climbed the bldg in NY. He laughed like crazy during the frozen pond part in Central Park. I do not want to give too much away so I’m not going into details just in case some one hasn’t seen it yet.
It is a LONG movie and he got a little impatient for the action to start. It’s slow to get going. But over all we thought it was well worth the time, especially since we were there together.
I heard some noise out side so I looked out to see what it was…gues what it was?
"Happe New Year" to all… tom g

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  1. —————Happy New Year! 2006 ***From Texas!———¸.•*——–* ———-*———*-@~~~~~@–@ x’-×’@—-@×@——@——||——||——||____||____¸.•*´¨`*•.§Al’s Accolades in Life¸.•*´¨`*•.§

  2. Awww, Tom. Don’t question how your ex is acting, just take him and run with it. I am so happy for you!Happy New Year!Jolie

  3. It is heartening to see the changes that have occured in the visiting with your son . People can change and perhaps this is a portending of things to come . I am glad to see your holidays were enjoyable as well . Here is to wishing you growth and joy in the coming year . Perseverence and love are great gifts and you have both .Naida

  4. aww its great you got to be with ur son. King Kong was a great movie but I wish it would of ended some what different……lol yes I cried ~Tana~

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