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Wow, my Son called to day about 6:00pm to ask if I can take him to see King Kong. I spoke to his mom and she said it was ok to take him tomorrow, Saturday even though it is not my week end. I have to check the times to so I won’t keep him out too late. The movie is about 3 hours long so we have to get there no later than 4-5pm. I can’t believe I am not having trouble with my ex, I wonder what got into her? I’ll take every second she’ll allow. Thank you M.E.B./G.!
I have been working to get my nieces car’s engine back together. I do not have many good days to work but it’s coming along. I got a good look at the oil pump gear and decided to get a new set because they were a bit worn and pitted. I had to go to about 5 different parts stores to find it. The others wanted me to order it but I did not want to wait.
I have to go for now. I’ll write about the movie Sat night or Sunday… tom g

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  1. Enjoy the movie…I took my kids to see "KONG" on Christmas Day.However…It kind of scared my 12 year old son.As for the ex…Sometimes it’s not easy…But just walk in love brother.Came through from Charlene’s site…"The Light is Here"Have a good weekend…Greg

  2. Glad that your ex is not giving you problems. I hope your movie is good. Unfortunately, I don’t have the patience for a three hour movie. I heard it’s great. EnjoyHappy New Year

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