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I had a great ending to last year and this one is off to a cool start. I met my ex at my Son’s school about 2:30pm to see where to pick him up this Friday and to look at her car. It has no heat but the heater fan blows good. I think it is missing a heater core. It probably leaked and whoever did not want to buy one so they took the cheap way out and by-passed it. We got him out about 30 minutes early. He was in gym class and I thought he might want to finish his favorite class but he said he did not care if he got out early. My ex let me take him tonight so she and her b.f could go out somewhere. She only has our Son today and it would give them some time to go out. I was glad but we had to come up with ideas about what we would do. At first we went to the mall to walk around and ate. I got the idea of bowling because I know a friend that manages a local bowling alley. We went there and he bowled a bunch of games. My back has been giving me trouble for a few days so I only took a couple of turns. He had the bumper things out so he got about 105 average. Not bad @ all. They had some video games and a crane game with mini basketballs in it. He won one with his first try. He got to play some driving games too, he had a great time. I don’t think he was ever bowling before. He fell asleep on the way to drop him off to his mom. It was cute I was talking away and looked back to see him sound asleep. I wish I had my camera. I have to pick him up again on Friday for the weekend. I have to think of what we are going to do. I have to make it good and fun.
Bye 4 now… tom g
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  1. Yeah… filelodge works just as well, but they are upgrading or something to that effect right now so nothing is running there either.

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