My Niece Graduates H.S.

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My niece’s graduation ceremony was great. I am so happy for her. She has worked very hard to make it. She starts collage in the fall so she will have the summer to have fun.

My foster mom and my sisters foster mom were there. It was a surprise. I was glad to see them though I felt a little weird. They went out to eat with us after the ceremony was over. It was good to get out for a meal with friend and family. I need a good meal because I haven’t been eating as much as I should.

I asked my foster mom if she had any photos of me. She said she had some. One I sent to her from when I was in the Army and my grad photos. If I can get them from her I’ll post them in an album.

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  1. ButterflyTake a step outside your shellTo drink the secrets of the wellNo longer will you fit insideThere’s no more need to run and hideIt’s easy now to be yourselfAnd set your fears upon a shelfTo close your eyes for just a thoughtAnd reconsider all you’re taughtWishes made when you were youngCaptured in the songs you sungFreed you heart to laugh and playReminders of a former daySo now you look through open eyesTo ask the hows, the whens, the whysTo search the world to find your partAnd free the dreams within your heartThought of you when I came across this poem, hope it brings a little inspiration your way. It’s nice that you were able to get out and have a nice time with your family and friends.Liz

  2. Nah, didn’t write the poem I just browse for poems every so often. i like to give them to my best friend when she is down. My brain doesn’t function correctly to sit down and write a poem. Although i think I did once along time ago…ha. I just really liked that particular one and thought of you when I was reading it. Hope to have put a small smile on your face.Liz

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