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It was very hard, but I wasable to finish. I did it w/out calling my ex-wife a liar & defending my position. I think I did a good job .  What do you think? Use the comment link below this entry to respond. 

Here’s what I wrote in my "Answer" (see 3-13 entry):

***   I do not agree with any of my ex-wife’s allegations.

1.) I do pick up our Son at 11:00am every other Sat. & drop him off at 3:30. I might on occasion, be 10-15 minuts late due to the weather, traffic or other things beyond my control.

2) I must call the Thursday before my visit. I know that. If I didn’t, it would give my ex-wife a reason to flat out deny my vist with our Son. My Son & our brief, infrequent visits are the most improtant thing in my life. To be honest, there was maybe 2 or 3 times in my Son’s life I was not able to call on Thurs before. On each occasion I called the next day to ask if it would still be ok to pick up our Son anyway, with negative responses. Knowing how she reacts to not calling it would no be benifical for me or our Son to miss a visit for not calling. I would not do it intentionally.

3) I have and will present in Court a Parenting Class Certificate dated February 26, 2004. Magdalena asked me about this in the past. I tried to give her a copy & she refused to look at, or take it from me.

4) I can not drive & I must depend on my brother in-law to pick up/drop off my Son. I take my Son to his & my sister’s house. Most times they are both there with their two children. Some times he goes out, but my sister is legally blind so she doesn’t drive either so one adults is always present. Not being able to drive makes it next to impossible to not have 3rd party present.

My Son and I have a great loving relationship. We do not have nearly enough time together as it is. We wring out every drop of precious, short time we have to enjoy each others love. It breaks my heart to think that my ex-wife would seek to further restrict my visits. In my opinion, it would bring my Son and I even closer together and enhance the father-Son relationship we both desire if we had more time. If allowed, I would asked that visitations time to be increased. I promised my Son, when he asked why our time was so short, I would ask for more.

*** It took forever. Glap its done. Now I have to go to court house to "file" it and send it to her by snail-mail certified. This must be done before 3-31 or she "wins" by default. Have to try to sleep tonight. I have DR’s appointment tomarrow & I don’t have a ride there…yet.         Good-nite all !                t g  

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