The Magic Show !

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Today was a great day! I picked up my Son at 11:00am. 

My ex said to wach him, he wasn’ feeling too good. I asked my Son if he felt well enough to go w/me, he said "yeeeeeah" as he ran for his coat. I knew then he was ok. We went over my sister’s house. I had a couple of easy magic tricks that I showed him how to "perform". He could’t believe how easy the trick s were. We went through each one until he got the hang of how to do them. I only hope his mom doesn’t take them away from him. I suggested he sit his mom & brother down and "do" a magic "show" for them. We’ll see how it went on our nect visit. Next, we played some cool pc games I downloaded for him. Sponge Bob & Jimmy Neutron were the ones he liked the most. He does better than I do! He has always been a quick learner. We got hungry, he wanted hot dogs so I made some. He ate two with ketchup & relish. I also cut up an apple for him. He says thank you & please, I wasn’ that good when I was his age. Time flew by too fast and I had to take him home. We left around 3:15pm to be at his mom’s by 3:30pm. The rides home from my visits are very quiet for me, knowing it’ll be two weeks before I am "allowed" to see him  again. It’s too long, but it may by changing soon. I wonder If My Son Thinks of me between our visits? It helps to assume he does.  I guss that all 4 now    t g 

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