Ex Lies..Again!

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After all the mess w/ my visitations, I got an e-mail from my Sons grand mom She wrote after reading my blog entry for yesterday. She is a wonderful, great and loving grandmom, unfortunatley she recently broke her foot. She was surprised to read that my Son was to be going to her house on the 28th weekend. I found out that my ex did ask her to take my Son for the weekend.  Having a broken foot she had to sadly say no. So my question is what the heck is going on? This is why i am not w/ my ex now, instead of being honest, she lies. Why would she try to make me change my visit, and blame it on her moms desire to spend time w/ her grand son?

I don’t realy need to know why, she is what she is and will never change. My sched is back on track because I intend to simly tell her, "sorry i can’t change the normally scheduled Court Ordered visit date".(may 28th) In the past I have many times altered my visit sched to accomadate her busier sched. This one time that I can’t should be understood by my ex.

I do hope my ex works out what ever caused her to make up this recent lie. She can be such a wonderful person if she would just be honest w/herself & others. My Son deserves to have the best mommy she can be.


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  1. Im so sorry that you have to go through this so much but you know what don’t give up your time or make accomadations for anyone. Since you get so little time to spend with the little man take all that it yours. As long as you continue to do your part and oblige the court order, and if she keeps breaking the court order by trying to change or schedule things on your scheduled days she will eventually lose and you will get more time with you son. Just make sure that you keep a log on everything from time, dates, excuses or whatever you need to do because it will come in handy.

  2. I know where your coming from about the lying….my ex does that too and it just breaks my heart. I used to have faith that he had at least my daughters best interests at heart…but when he lies to her i have to seriously reconsider that. Recently I just found out that he told her when she was two weeks old, that I had post partum depression and threatened to through her out our two story apartment window…okay first of all…that NEVER happened. Second, WHY?????????? in Gods name would you tell your child something like that. He made himself sound all noble for stopping me and being compassionate about a condition that DIDNT exist. Granted I left him because of some very serious abuse issues. I honestly am not sure WTH he is thinking sometimes. My own personal nightmare. I understand your pain. God be with you. Echoo

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