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I think my ex knew that I knew she was lying to me about next weekends visit w/ my Son. It would have been interesting to hear her try to explain why she lied. She just said "ok, just pick him up next Saturday at 11:00am. (normal day). I was surprised not to have to argue about it, but extremely happy and relieved to have it all work out as it did.


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  1. That it so awesome that everything worked out for you, hopefully it will continue. Lots of luck…….:)

  2. Hey, thanks for the advice, my ex hasn’t went down to file any papers yet. He won’t file the divorce, if those come he we will wait for me to do it. He was actually going to file a no travel form on me, so i couldn’t leave the state with the kids but he can threaten all he want’s, that will only slow me down a bit and eventually i’ll an order to be able to move state with the kids. As long as i can prove that it is in the best interest of the kids. Any how he doesn’t stand a chance of ever getting custody. He has 2 dui’s, possion charges and a domestic violence charge on him. The courts here will never give him custody especially when the domestic violence accured in front of 2 of our girls. I am going to go down on monday of next week to do my filing because eventually i want to move to arkansas.

  3. HI, I have only read a few parts of whats going on, and I am not one to judge. I have divorce court in the morning and my ex was using my child to watch and see what I was doing. The whole time I was trying to take care of my responsibilities with help only from my mom and God (Jehovah). I am truly startng ovr with my life and I want to let you know I am very glad to know there ARE fathers in the world who truly love their kids and want to know them. Keep up the good work and dont EVER try to reason with an ignorant person!GOD BLESS YOU!

  4. You’ve got to be kidding. Are you for real? Get a job. Quit complaining. I couldn’t even read all your "blog". It was boring. Get a job and take care of your kid. Get a job and quit applying for SSI and disability. You probably aren’t even disabled. And what’s all this "ride a bus" garbage. "I have to ask a friend for a ride to see my son." Whatever. I have no sympathy for you AT ALL. GET A JOB. Actually, now I’m boring myself, talking about you. Who cares about whether you can spell. Obviously, you cannot. Or else, YOU WOULD GET A JOB. Your ex would respect you. Your ex’s boyfriend would respect you. You take up space that someone else, who has REAL PROBLEMS, could use. Don’t commend MSN for letting you have this space — GET A JOB. Take care of yourself. You can’t take care of your son, until you take care of yourself. GET A LIFE — GET A JOB. GET OVER IT. YOU’ RE A LOSER. NO ONE WANTS TO HEAR IT.You live in America. The land of opportunity. Step up — take your opportunity. Go to school, if you’re not educated. Get a job, if you have no money. Stay off the system. I, for one, AM TIRED OF TAKING CARE OF LOSERS LIKE YOU.

  5. msteele’s comment about how your blog is so boring he can’t bear to read it and how you’re taking up space someone with real problems could use really irked me. There are no set rules that designate what someone decides to use their journal for. There are no rules for the writer to follow so that the readers can be satisfied – the readers naturally award the writer by the blog’s popularity. Plus, if your problems aren’t real, than what is? Not to mention, he has the right to NOT read your journal – no one was forcing him to. My two cents. As for me, curiosity prevailed and had me start reading from the very beginning and I am sad to hear of your plight. I’m glad that you’re making the best of it and cherising every moment you have with Logan. People often have trouble figuring out what’s the most important thing in their life, but it seems to me that you have found yours – to be a great father to Logan. Then everything else follows naturally. G’luck! =)

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