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My schedule for my visitations is alll messed up! I could not get my Son last weekend. My bro-inlaw had to work. My ex- called me to ask if i wanted to get him this staurday instead of waiting 2 saturdays. My son’s grand parents want to havehim over for the whole holiday weekend. That would have been my Sat. The bad part is my bro-inlaw will be out of town on business this Saturday too. Unless something comes up sooner I wont see him til mid June. That’ll be like 1 1/2 months w/out seeing him. Although i can call him its not the same. I have to try to talk to my ex to may be have him on this Sunday coming up or a week eve/nite for a few hours. We can have a meal together, talk and play for a little while anyway. His Grand mom says he told her some kid in his kgdn class has been teasing him. Ive got to talk/w Him to find out why or about what they tease him. Maybe I can hepl if I can only get to see him!

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  1. im so sorry to hear that. i know i have said before that i dont know what it is like to be kept from your child. but now that i have one of my own, i dont know how i could handle it. thanks for the comment about thomas being lucky to have both parent in his life. i think he is. however, my parents are divorced. im not going to pretent to know what happened in your marriage, but i know from my own experience that if your parents are fighting all the time, especially when you are young it is better that they are apart. anyway, i hope you have a good day and if i dont get a chance to say hello, a great weekend, hopefully you get to see your son.

  2. After my wife passed in 1995, I remarried again because I had a teenage daughter. Although she wasn’t my bio child, I am the only father she knew/ had, since she was 2 months old. During my short second marriage the new wife proved to be a hitter, which wasn’t good for me or my daughter so I ended it quickly. Unfortunately another child was born from that marriage, who’s now 7 years old, that I haven’t seen or heard from since her birth. No not because I haven’t tried, but it’s the ex who chose to do it. I know there are [abstract factions] I will call them who’s trying to convince the rest of America that father’s don’t matter, in regards to raising children. So my question to them is this. If they’re right, why is there a fight to prove them wrong.

  3. Keep on smiling guy. It does get better. I have been the whole family for 15 yrs and I know that dad’s don’t get the even part of the stick. I have seen it time and time again. But even though this one is a girl I have helped many dad’s with lawyers, court and just misc everything and all of my hard work does pay off. Not on everyone but the percentage is pretty good. It is hard when the ex is involed. My ex always told my son, "you’re not mine go away" My son is now 23 and he still has problems with this but I tell him every damn day how much he means to me. He now has a little girl on the way and his girlfriend doesn’t want anything to do with her. So the cycle continutes, but again have hope. It is you who will change the world and your son. Just keep loving him with every being of your soul. It does come back to you! Happiness is our children!shar

  4. I feel your pain. As of January 6th, 2005 I was forbidden to have any contact what so ever with my seven year old daughter. I have never been given a reason for this ruling. Because all rulings that the Judge in my case has made for the past three years are temporary rulings my hands are tied. Three years later I am still waiting for a final ruling so that I may proceed to appeals or another court room with another Judge. Not a day goes by that I do not weep and mourn the loss of my daughter. The pain is unbearable. Her brother whom I have full custody of bravely masks his pain in order to spare me further grief. The system which our country is based upon is atrocious. I have heard so very many disgusting stories of injustice. I look to the things which man cannot control for peace and sanity, however, the pain does not subside.

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