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I had to go to Family Court today. My ex did not show up! She was trying to take away all my visitations. To be fair about it she did break her leg last weekend. We’ll see if she re-schedules it. Everything she used as a reason I had proof she was lying. I wrote about this earlier this year if you want to read from the beginning here are the links to those entries:




I took forever to get this into court and now it may start all over again. Because it was dismissed I did not even get to see the judge at all. Did not even go into court room. They Just came out and told me she did not show up so it was dismissed. Oh well what can I do…tom g


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  1. Hey Tom, I’m sorry she didn’t show up. My brother-in-law has 3 children that he never gets to see because each time he went to pick them up for the weekend (3 hour drive) his ex-wife was nowhere to be found. He didn’t do anything about it and it has been 8 years now and his kids don’t know him anymore. Dude, make it happen. Your son deserves to know you forever!

  2. I don’t get it Tom ?? She’s trying to take away visitation, yet she asked you to watch her other son ? Makes no sense to me. Hang in there Tom. BTW – I thought I was lost when I got here. You’ve changed things. Congrats on the laptop…you lucky thing!Deb

  3. I’m sorry. My uncle had an ex who turned out to be a seriously crazy b*tch after they had twins. He went through all the court stuff (quiting drinking (you know his 3 beers a week) and chewing (which effects his kids how?) and going through supervised visits) and never said a bad word about her to his kids. Now that their both 15 they came to him and asked some tough questions… turns out they figured it out all on their own. Those kids love their dad and thank him every fathers day for what he went through for them. Don’t give up the fight Tom. It’s just not fair. But what else can you do?

  4. This is some really nasty stuff, Tom. Just keep up the good work. What goes around comes around, ya know. It does NOT look good for her to not show up. Nevermind the broken leg. I bet if it was your leg, you’d have hobbled in with crutches, like anyone who was sincere. She could have had the court date extended due to her leg, but chose not to. Does not look good for her to do this. Her overconfidence will be her undoing. Just keep giving her enough rope and she’ll hang herself. You catch more flies with honey than vinegar, so always be sweetly reasonable and professional about it as you can be. Hang in there! You have already come out the victor.

  5. Isn’t actually a good thing she didn’t show, and it was dismissed? I always thought if someone wanted something and they never showed up and it was dismissed it was a good thing. I may be wrong , if I am please explain. I’ve never had to go to court for anything except to divorce my first husband, and that we didn’t have to be in actual court.Good luck and if it’s what I think it is, you were better off her not showing. Right?Your friend,Patti

  6. Wow, that’s awful she’s trying to take away all of your visitations. I’m glad you could prove her wrong!P.S. Thanks for that cool link (Hack MSN Spaces)Good luck in any… future problems with that.

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