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She does NOT have a pfa order yet. She petitioned for a hearing to get one. It depends on the outcome of that trial if she actually gets one or not. The no contact thing for the harassment is in our Court Of Common Pleas but it still screws up my visit now regardless of the pfa petition. Just want thing to be as accurate as I can be. The cop who took her report called me finally last tight and we had a very interesting conversation for about 30 minutes. He was nice about talking and answered what questions he could but as expected could do nothing to help me now or then. I do feel a bit better getting my side in. I hate when any one gets a tainted description of me…tom g

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  1. Tom, I hope for the best. I will never understand bitter restful people. All this should be about is you, as a loving father, her, as a mother, and the child you both have together. This should be about, when and how often and times and cooperation to help a little boy grow up and love both parents. I am sorry. My little Allies father is backing off and ready to charge. What I mean is he stoped coming here to visit her and is geting ready to fight over her. My situation is different, he could possibly be harming her, and as a parent I realize his importance as her father, but also realize the importance to protect. I will remember you in prayers okay?

  2. It was long time since i checked your space. When I came today, i was hoping things were getting better for you.It’s dissapointing to see your ex is having success in complicating things for you.Dont give up tom.Best wishes,Cristian

  3. I am a bit confused here. Did she get the order because you were recording the conversation? What is she afraid that the world will know that she is a lieing biatch? (still working on the nice thing) When i read you sight, it is everything that my husband and i have lived through. i wouldnt wish that on anyone. The attorney will help you, best to just let him do the talking, judges often listen best to the mouth piece, because sometimes we let our emotions get the best of us. hang in there…kat

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