Sad story in paper today!

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I was reading the paper today and could not believe this story in the local section. It says at the end she was wanted on an outstanding warrant for domestic violence. She should have picked up the cops on that charge. If she was MAYBE she would have been in jail the morning this happened. I wonder how long she was wanted before this horrible thing happened…tom g

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  1. OH MY GOD!!! I would so kill her if i found her. Screw me going to jail you dont do that to a little kid and the kid is just a little over a year. Oh i would be raging!!!!

  2. What I will NEVER understand is this: if the little girl was going to daycare anyways, why not just drop her off INSTEAD of bouncing her head on the floor? Sure, kids cry, if it bothered her that bad, why not just drop her off sooner – it’s not like she wasn’t going there any ways! UGGH. I SWEAR, there should be a license before they let people have or handle children!

  3. my god, so freaky… I can’t believe we live with this kind of people on the same planet…and even harder to believe " she is a she!!!!!"

  4. Hi Tom. When is the trial going to be? It’s good to hear that you are confident. I’ll be looking after to know how it goes…And about your question, I feel quite honored about it. I will be most grateful if you decide to do it. I had added a link to this space since the first time I came here. I found your space in "Best of MSN Spaces" and I think it’s worth such distinction.Don’t give up for your son… I know you won’t anyway.Regards,Cristian

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