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I had a surprise last night, just as I sat down to eat about 7:30pm. The police & under cover detectives busted through my apt door. They had assult weapens and hand guns drawn and made me lay on floor while they hand cuffed me. When I ask them what was going on they said "Shut up, we don’t have to tell you anything". I said "since you guys have the guns on me, I guess I have no choice". They did the same thing to every one in the apt. bldg I live in. They arested three people downstairs. One guy, 65 or so, they arested for a crime commited in Odessa. He told them they had the wrong person but of course they didn’t believe him even though he lives here. He was just out front working on his car. After they made false alegations against him and called him a liar, turns out the guy was right they did in fact have the wrong guy.The 2nd guy, was arrested because they claimed he had warants for unpaid fines. He went in front of the judge, she could figure out what they wanted him for. The records were all messed up so the judge just made him pay $20, and let him go. The third guy was let go as well. so what was this all about. After demanding to see a search warrant, the finally brought one back.(this was soposed to be given BEFORE they even step into the house.) It said there was supposed to be some one here with guns, ammunition, hand gernades, bombs, drugs, and other crazy stuff! What did they find, not a single thing! They destroyed all apts. in this building. Tore out all the closets drawers, dressers, and dumped EVERYTHING all over the floor. All this for nothing. Aparently some was mad and trying to start crap w/someone here, or they had the wrong house altogether. I do not know. They should have to clean up this mess if they were wrong. I know the people who live here. If there was any thing like said, I would have moved out of here! OH yeah, my food had ashes from an ash tray dumped all over it and it was on the floor. IN other words, I did eat tonight because I couldn’t get a ride out to get something else to eat. I do not know what made me more mad, laying on the floor face down hand cuffed tightly or having my food wasted by ignorant, rude police like those here tonight. One cop said I should dust more, I told him I only clean up for invited friends and guest. He said "shut the fu*# up". That pissed me off, him using that language and I asked him to please not use language like that. He replied "if you dont shut-up I going to FIND SOMETHING to lock you up for". I hate holding my tounge when disrespected like that in my own home. I think they were getting mad because they didnt’ find what they claimed was here and were realizing they were wrong. Every one makes mistakes, but they did not have to take it out on me. It wasn’t my fault they were wrong. They should take it up with whoever gave them the wrong info.

On the lighter side of things, I did hear from my bro’ daughter. She e-mailed me to say everything is ok and that it might snow where they live in VA. I gave them the link to this blog. Maybe she will read this and try out the comment feature below this entry (if u read this & want to comment on any entry) I haven’t seen My bro or his daughters for a while. It’s always good to hear from them.

That’ about it for now. I can not think of more to write about, so I’ll write later

t. g.

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