A True Miracle

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I was listening to the news on MSNBC and thought I was hearing things when they said that 12 of the 13 miners were found ALIVE! The 13th was found dead though. It was around midnight when I heard it. The families were all thrilled to say the least.
I am not very religious but I was praying for the hard working guys down there. Many others were too and it must have paid off because it turned out better than any one could have ever imagined. I find myself wanting to thank someone so I will, "thank you GOD" for listening to all of our praying.
Miners are required to go over exactly these types of emergencies before every shift. They used to find it a waist of time and boring but not any more! The ones trapped had an average of 23 years experience. They had a good chance because of good training but I still believe it was a miracle. Good training or Miracle, humm??… tom g
**update 2:30 pm 1/4/06**
It now seems like I made a horrible mistake! I now know that there was only 1 survivor, 12 DID NOT make it out alive. The families must have been devastated from that roller coaster ride of emotions. I will be thinking of those families for some time… Sorry about the rush to celebrate!… tom g

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  1. So Sorry Tom….Unfortunately only one miner survived. There was a huge confusion and the other twelve actually did not survive. It is a very sad story that only one guy made it, but it took them 40 hours to find those guys. Even the one survivor isn’t in good shape, the one thing that isi good for him is that he is young and I’m sure that his young wife will be happy. I just feel so bad for the families that got false information and starting celebrating only for find out a couple of hours later that they were celebrating instead of mourning. We need to keep these families in our prayers.Annette

  2. What a horrible thing to wait hours upon hours waiting to see if your love one has survived finding out they did and than finding out opps we made a mistake they didn’t make it. My heart goes out to their familes and for the one survivor, God bless them all!Hope things keep going well for you Tom sounds like you had a great time with your son!

  3. Horrible situation to start out the new year I have to say! It is heartbreaking for the families~Greetings from a girl in North Dakota

  4. My heart goes out to all their familes.Yes the movie was great,but I just wish they would of made it so he would of got to go home…..ok ok ok so i’m a softy lolThanks for your comment and yep ill be sure to keep writing ya:) its always nice to have friends, and I look forward to getting to know you more. Glad you liked the pics ill be adding more soon:)ttul,love,hugs & kisses*~Tana~

  5. I believe there is always room for mistakes…but what a horrible one to make. I couldn’t even imagaine the roller coaster of emotions those poor families must be going through. The only thing we can do now is pray for hearts to mend, and pray the guilt of those that misinformed everyone won’t kill them. Don;t take it to fault that you were one of these ppl, you are a good man and just wanted to spread the good news we were all told. Keep your chin up hun.Angi

  6. I truly believe things happen for a reason, and this is no exception. Jumping the gun on something is nothing new, its human nature, but the true power, what alot of people dont relize is the ability to learn from what we watch, listen or read and not only apply it to our own lives and learn from it but to be able to forgive those who through no fault of their own caused more pain then they intended. i’ve heard alot about ya from my wife and just wanted to say hey and hope all is well.~Dave(Paidens daddy and Angis hubby)

  7. Tom,I am glad things are going good for you. I was gone for a while but am back now. I still read you site though. Do you ever go on dates? I never read anything of the sorts and was just curious…a good looking young man and all.Take careDominique

  8. Hello Tom G.Happy New year to you and your family.Yes, I also watched the news about the miners. It hurt but all we can do is let our prayers continue.Take care,Lalane

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