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Well I had a wonderful Christmas! It was the best one ever! I had my Son on Saturday from 11:00am until 7:30pm. It still went by too fast. He loved the stuff I got him. I took pics of each thing as he opened it. He is so easy to make happy, I asked him what his favorite present was and he said being with me that day for a longer time was his best gift. It almost made me cry to hear that from him. He is excited to be staying with me all weekend starting Jan. 6th. He said then we won’t have to rush our visits. My brother and his wife were there too. They gave Logan a bunch of videos. I knew he had some of them but he still was respectful and said he didn’t. That kind of "little white lie" is ok with me. They never knew. He’s so cute:)   (Christmas Pictures)

I got the best present ever! My Son Logan called me Friday night to say he had a surprise for me. He was not going to tell me but show me on Saturday when I get him for our visit. Well I was surprised for sure, He can now ride his bike WITHOUT TRAINING WHEELS!! Wow, I was amazed and so proud of him. It was a great gift for me. I wanted to be the one to teach him but he told me he taught himself. He just tried and tried and finally he got it. I am sad I did not play a part in it but happy just the same. He wanted me to make a ramp to jump. He wanted to show me all his tricks but when I started to make it he wanted it higher and higher. I decided to save the ramp jumping for when he is with his mom. I did not want him to get hurt even though he had his helmet on I was still nervous he would get hurt. He wasn’t mad or anything he understood why I was afraid for him. I told him that in a few years I will get him a little dirt bike w/a motor to ride. He thought that was awesome. He promised to practice a lot to get better on a regular bike until then.  (My surprise!)

My ex is letting him call me again. He called me on Christmas Day to let me know what he got from his mom and her b.f. He said he got more that he expected. I am glad he had Christmas with both of us this year. I am probably going to move into my ex’s old apt next weekend unless something else comes up before then. It makes me mad not being able to get approved for lot rent a a trailer park. I could pay cash for a trailer but no park would approve me for the 300-450 lot fees.

I now have all the parts for my nieces Saturn SL2. I need a few nice days or a garage to put it all back together and running. She can’t wait because she is home from Manchester Collage until the end of Jan. For now she has to drive her dads full size van with a v8 engine. It is bad on gas and she has to put her own gas in it when she uses it. I still have to get out a broken head bolt and I am not sure how that is going to go yet. I have a couple of too just for that but they don’t always work.   (New Parts Pictures)

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  1. I thought I was the only one. It sure feels like it alot of the time. I try so hard to keep the peace with my ex but not let her and the court walk all over me. It’s been an up hill journey thats for sure. I was hoping Christmas would calm the storm a little here but it didn’t do anything. It sounds like things are at least going in the right direction for you and your boy. I’m happy for you and hope to get going that way someday soon. Thanks for letting me vent a little here. Happy Holidays. Thanks again

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  3. I have been reading the achives of your page and I must say, that I admire you to be sooo honest and sincere about your struggles with your son and your ex. I am happy, that you had a wonderful Christmas with your son and May God Bless you.Char

  4. It sounds like you had a wonderful Christmas! He seems like such a terrific boy. That’s great that he taught himself how to ride his bicycle without training wheels. I don’t know very many kids who would have that kind of patience! From the way you describe him he sounds very grown up for his age. Glad that things are going well for you!

  5. Hi Tom – Sorry to be away for so long. Been so busy, but then you know how that is.I am so delighted that you and Logan were together for Christmas celebration. And he can ride is bike! I can see the hapiness shining in his eyes — you need a picture of you both for all of us to see how happy you are together.Deb

  6. Thanks for visiting my Blog. You are lucky to see your son on christmas. Since my son is in Florida, I have to rely on pictures sent via email to see him enjoy opening his presents. So you are lucky in that respect. I’ll be visiting your site often. Seems you have some good ideas I could try..

  7. I am so glad that you had a good Christmas, Tom. He will be happy, no matter where you are, or what you do with him. Congrats on going from two wheels to four as well!!! That is huge! Jolie

  8. Hey T! Glad to see that you had a good Christmas too! I was really glad when I read that you had your son for part of the holiday. Hopefully he’ll see it the way I did when I was younger… TWICE THE PRESENTS! Lol. Anyway, the laptop was a graduation gift that I got last May, but the speakers were the present, and lemme tell you, you’ve GOT to get some! They were my "big, techie" present this year. (Last year it was a wall mountable stereo, which I love by the way). I hope you have a great new years, and it was great to hear from you!

  9. Sorry I havne’t stopped in a while. I just posted someone on mine after 10 days! AH! The horror.I am so glad you got to spend so much time with your son and that he can call you now. I love the pictures of him riding his bike. It’s great to see such happiness in kids eyes and you can just see how proud they are of themselves when they accomplish things.Man, you just got all the parts for that car? Amazing isn’t it? And it will only take a few days to fix. Take care!

  10. Oh, BTW, your son is a good lookin boy, he looks happy in those pictures . . . reminds me of my 8 yo son, Peter . . . have a great week.

  11. Tom,Felt bad that I had stopped by in so long, life here has changed so much since Katrina. Great to see you are having more time with Logan, hope that keeps going in your favor.May 06 open new doors for you, I’ll try to check in more to in hope of seeing more good news. Best Wishes,Sean

  12. Stopping by to wish you and Logan a very Happy New Year!! May 2006 bring you more time together. My thoughts and prayers are with you.

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