My Visit Last Sat.

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Hi, my visit w/ my Son last Sat was great. I took some pics, but I have a cheap camera. It doesn’t woork so great and they pics were really bad. I didn’t think they good enough to put here. I will try again w/ a better camera even if I have to barrow one.

I am teaching him how to play chess. He knows the pieces and how most of them move. We play a few games. To make thing even I changed the pieces to dinosaurs. He rememberd which were pieces were witch but I didn’t so he won some games. He thought it was great to beat me. He’s sooo smart.

My sister cooked a roast, baked potatos, string beans and a few others thing to got w/ it. We had a great meal together.  Time flew and I had to have him home before we were late. The ride home was quiet as usual. I walked him into his house and told him I loved him & i’ll see him in 2 weeks, kissed him goodbye and I left.

Well thats about it, 2 weeks of being Dad jammed into 4 1/2 hours….t g

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