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The weather was perfect for a change usually it rains on my day. We stopped by Wal mart to get him a bigger bike and some new pads & helmet. It all came to about $50. I had sixty five saved. He got to pick the bike he wanted. He grew fast and his old bike was too small for him now. We practiced riding it for about 3 hours. It was about 95 out so we had to take it slow. It was difficult to keep up with him!. I think in a few more rainless visits we will have this bike riding thing conquered. I took some pictures of our day and put them into a new album. The dog is my neighbors pit-bull. She looks mean but she a big baby. She is the opposite of what people say is bad about pits-bulls.

Some how my ex broke her leg last night and she asked me if I could watch my Son and her other son for a while. She had to go to her job to do something. It was really nice to have my son and his brother together. His bro watches my Son leave with me on my days and now he got to see where we go and what we do when I pick up my Son. It only took her about two hours to get what she needed to do done. So In a way I got a bonus and 2 Visits with my Son in one visit. So cool :)…tom g

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  1. I am sorry about what you go through each week. My son in law has a little boy who he only has 3 days a week, it has been a struggle for a few years, but now they have 3 whole dayd. We tell him, try to make it as natural and not all fun. Dont worry about just being the good guy. Kids need some disipline in their lives as well as fun things. I know God is the only answer for the problems of this world. His Love is so Strong, and Deep. He is ready to help anyone who cries out to Him. I hope you dont mind if I share these things with you. My husband and I have raised three children and only with the help of God. You will never regret the help you get from God. He sent his son Jesus to restore the relationship we had lost with God. Its just amazing. You can write me back if you wish. Thanks

  2. The bike looks Neat-o! He seems quite pleased with himself. He looks a little flushed in a couple o those pics. Must be the heat and the excitement.

  3. I was very happy to hear that your ex thought of you first when the kids needed taking care of. Congratulations! That is great news!

  4. hey there!Had to comment on the beautiful dog pictures. What a cutie ! Looks an aweful lot like my dog Molly. She’s actually an Amer Staffordshire Terrier (which is like a second cousin to a pit)Perhaps your friend’s is too?? Pits tend to have bigger jaw bones and pointier ears.. Well who knows. Truth be told they can be ALOT sweeter than people make them out to be. OK.. nuff of that.. The new pics of your son are fantastic too. Such a beautiful boy. Glad to hear you had a great weekend !!S-

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