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My friend has been in a 24/7 "place". None of her family knew what to do for or did not care. I made a few calls a found somewhere for to get things right. It had to be her decision to go though. She did not want to go but I had to talk her into it. Not having to pay for it her her make up her mind. She was there a long time ago and they agreed to help her again free this time.
I got the date for my harassment trial a while ago. I thought it was this month until I received another letter saying it was on 1/26/06. I had to figure something out to see my Son. There was no way in hell I was waiting until then to see him again. I call my atty and asked if he would call her and "ask" her if I could have my bro-in-law call and pick him up on my Saturdays. He called today to say she agreed to allow the alternate visit arraignments. I was so worried because she could have said no and there would have been nothing I could have done about it. I have to figure out what trial IS this month???
My niece’s car not running right. She started collage this fall and her died just before she was to leave. She is there without a car and not too happy. She can not afford to get another car now. I found out that the head gasket was bad and need to be replaced and is one of the biggest jobs to repair an engine. I started Sunday. I got about half way done before it got dark. I was to go back yesterday but leaning over the car kills my back. It hurt today when I woke up and I did not want to take the crap the Dr gave me for pain. I hate not being all "there". I hope to go tomorrow. Things take longer to get done too because I can only really use one hand to do stuff. I have very little feeling in my left hand and it is hard to get it to turn wrenches or bolts. I have to do most everything with my right hand. I takes more time to stop to figure out ways to get things done this way. I love working on cars! I took auto mechanics in my vocational high school. I actually got two diplomas, one for grad and one for the vocational (auto mech). I never had to take my car for brakes or most repairs unless I had the money and did not have time to do myself. I hate working on friends cars though because they think every new thing wrong is from what I did. I lost a few like this. Unless, of course they were desperate.(stranded) 

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  1. I was luck my brother could do must of the work on my car but now my husband does most of it but if he doesnt know whats the problem then we take it to a mechanic. I hope things work out so you can see your son on satursdays. Have a good week.

  2. Oh MY!! I went thruogh and read some of your other entries ( along with this one). And I want you to know, I’ll be praying for you. You seem like a decent, loving father, and I hope things work out for you. BTW…What an adorable child you have!

  3. I am glad that you are going to get to see your boy again. Hopefully attorney has it documented that she agreed so that she can’t pull anything on the pick up day.

  4. Good Morning!I’m so glad Shannon is getting help. Hopefully, they will be able to teach her to help herself. I just imagine the pain and turmoil she must be going through.Yea! You get to see your son. I must say, it’s so totally wrong that women do this to their ex’s, just because they can. The courts allow it, and that’s so unfair and so unjust. Then you hear about courts who allow this abusive fathers visitation and you wonder, what the hell?I watched this movie called "When Andrew came home" on Sunday. The man had beat his wife all the time and she left when she had the baby. He fought for visitation and won, and when the boy was three, he took him and the mother didn’t see him again till he was 9. The boy had been abused, locked in a closet, and slept outside in a tree at night. It was so very sad. He has never been to school, didn’t know how to read or write. It was a true story. Sorry, didn’t mean to get off on that. As I stated before, maybe it’s just me, but I would NEVER keep my kids from the father, ever. I have two ex’s and both of them has been able to see their children anytime they want. My second ex is in Iraq and I email him progress reports, give him updates, tell him the things our two-year old does and says. I may not like him, but he is an excellent father.Take care and please keep us informed and take pictures when you get your son again.

  5. Hey Tom, Thanks for commenting on my space. Last night I started reading your blog from the beginning …I’m still reading. LOL I’m up to August, in my defense I work on a computer all day so my eyes are tired. Have a great day!

  6. Tom don’t you just hate it when you help someone out and they’re that way about everything that goes wrong with the car afterwards? My ex was an appliance repair man and pretty good shade tree mechanic and he stopped helping friends out because they couldn’t figure out that they had pieces of junk that really needed to be replaced and that he was doing them a favor ’til they could afford new.In NM it wouldn’t matter what else was going on, you would get to keep seeing your kid unless the judge signed an order of protection stating otherwise. So keep on seeing your kid no matter what and remember who is the adult in your relationship with him. My daughter just turned 14 and is fed up with her father acting like a 7-year-old so she no longer sees him. I had her in counseling for over a year to try to mend their relationship but he said the problem wasn’t his and wasn’t willing to meet her halfway or compromise in any way on visitation so she does not want him to have any part in her life. I hope your son gets the things you send him in the mail.As the mom of a hurt little girl I want all you dads to remember that when you remarry or have a live in your kid won’t automatically want to be part of one big happy family. There is no such family as the Brady Bunch in real life. And remember no matter how busy you are to sign the b-day cards and address them yourself because it really truly does matter to a kid.

  7. ஐღஐღஐღஐღஐღஐღஐღஐღஐღஐღஐღஐღHave a great and safe weekend!!Love Shnevஐღஐღஐღஐღஐღஐღஐღஐღஐღஐღஐღஐღ

  8. Your neice and your friends are very lucky to have you. You have a caring heart. I admire your "keep on going" attitude and you set an fine example for others, not only here but in your world too.Take care – I keep checkin in to see what’s up although I don’t always have time to post.Deb

  9. Well i am glad that you were able to help a friend out. You seem willing to help everyone out. I wish that your ex would see that and that you are so caring so that you could have your son more or even all the time. This is stupid what she is doing to you. I am sorry!!!

  10. Hello T!I was just doing some blog walking when I came upon your site. I was taken back on the entry about your friends sister. I was sorry to hear the news. You are a truly great freind and a rare find. If you get the chance some time, stop by and drop a line with me. I will say a special prayer for your friend and her family and for you for her support.Until then, take care and be safe and no, you can never tell your baby you love him enough. I tell my children as much as possible how much I love them, it is so very important and obviously you understand just how important. You are a pretty cool dude.Chow!Ren

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