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Hi I had my son on Saturday and it was awesome! I bought a r/c snowmobile and he got to put it to the test. I built some ramps out of the snow and he got to send them flying over them. He laughed so much when they made it. He wanted me to make the ramps bigger and bigger until the snowmobile would not make it up the hill anymore. It had a lot of power for its size to his and my surprise. I had an extra battery so he had more time. I just changed them and off we went again instead of waisting time charging the one.
I had to talk to him about school too. It seems he has been getting into trouble there. I know its because of his home situation because he was ok when my ex was with her old boy friend. Things? are different now. What I can’t quite put my finger on just yet without interrogating him and I won’t do that. I can only tell him that he can tell me anything and I will do everything I can to help to get them fixed. I believe that he would if they were getting to him. He is as strong as I am but he too has a limit to what he is willing to endure.
 My ex let him call me on the Thursday before my visit which was a surprise but when I asked him, on the way to drop him off, why he does not call more he said "mom says no". I told him I knew that and I was not mad or anything. He said sorry and I told him he did not have to apologies for his moms actions EVER. He looked relieved and we gave each other a big hug and kiss.
I got all the parts ordered for my nieces car. I just now have to wait for them and a few good weather days to get it back together. If I am lucky all the parts will be the right ones and it will all go well.
I bought a box of Christmas cards and have to actually send them out this year. I never seem to get them out. I will make every effort to send as many as I can this year. I have to start some where…tom g

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  1. Great! I am happy for you. I am glad that you got to see your boy. I am PROUD of you for getting the Christmas cards.I got an email the other day that I want to share with you, but I can’t post it on my site right now because I don’t want anyone to miss my most recent post (it’s important!).If you want, I can email it to you – email me at jen_mahan@hotmail.com and I will forward the email to you. It is about finding your own holiday traditions.

  2. choking back tears when read about how his mother says no to calling his father its pretty sad that a spitefull women would do that always taking it out on the boy truely is sad….i wish you and your son the best ALWAYS Tom take care

  3. I finally got most of my christmas cards done. It sounds like you had a good day with your son and you sound so much happier when you have him. I hope that things go your way eventually, I know it is a hard battle but you just keep going at it and everything will be okay. GOOD LUCK….

  4. Thank you it means so much, the support as you know yourself. I am praying for you and Logan to be together. Please never give up. The situation with Allies dad and his childrens mother went through took 6 long years and now she gets her turn with the children. Don’t loose faith. By the way I went to a catholic school and was taught by nuns for 8 years!!!

  5. Hello there,Sounds like a fun day for you and your son :)HOpe you have many more soon to come.Take best of care,Keppiegirl

  6. Hey Tom, Personally I think you’re doing all the right things for your son. It’s important that he knows he can talk to you about anything. Christmas cards are a good place to start. You know what else might cheer you up …cookies!! It always works for me. You don’t have to bake them yourself, just buy a few for you and your son at the store or a bakery. Or maybe that would be a fun project for the two of you …baking cookies. They have all sorts of pre-cut ones in the dairy section of the supermarket. OK, so I might have a cookie addicition 🙂

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