My new Car!

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Well I guess I am done for now with the "upgrading" to my Space. Now I can get back to blogin’. I had a ’99 Cavilier but it started to act "funny" so I got some one to buy it for $300 more than I paid for it. I hope they do not have problems and come back to complain. I told them it was "as is" but I would be wiling to give the $300 Extra back to wards fixing it. That would take away my profit but that is the most I could do. Just to be fair:)
The pics are of a really clean 1995 Chevy Monte Carlo Z34. It has an all leather interior and all available options. It does have a crack in the windshield but that should not be to bad to have replaced. The a/c need a hose replaced too witch sucks with the heat and a black car:( The guy I bought it from wanted $2,3,00 for it but because of the crack and a/c I offered $1500 thinking he would say $1,750. To my amazement he did not haggle and said "ok". I think it was well worth the money. I have to get the problems fixed over the next few days. Oh yeah, it is missing a small piece of body molding on the right side bottom just behind the wheel well(see pic). The Cavilier can be seen in the back ground of one of the pics. It was "ok" but I love this Monte.
Well enjoy the pics and thanks for being patient with my "upgrades"…tom g

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  1. swinging by for the 1st time, pretty cool car. My 1st car was a `985 Mone Carlo SS, Black with red interior.GOD HOW I LOVED THAT CAR.Oh well Take it EZ.

  2. Hey Tom:Glad to hear that you have a car!! I don’t have a car and i’ve been getting around on my bike. I’m looking in to getting one very soon! Before the snow flies! Keep smilingSAAM

  3. Thanks for stopping by my spot! From reading your blog, it sounds like you have a lot of good questions you could send in! (Hint!)

  4. Hi t.g just going over your blog entries ,,,,,what ive done is wrote down some of the things that stood out in my life with my kids now that i dont see them it does help to ease some of the pain but nothing will ever get rid of it ……..take care iull be back to check up on ya

  5. I love the new look — I’m trying to play with mine also, but not having any luck. I want to link some funny little videos. I had the Media Player on it but once I got it on there I didn’t know what to do with it. *sigh… Anyway I’m still playing with it and hopefully will learn more soon.Deb

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  7. Hi there,My first time here and just want to say hello and will be reading your blog everyday.Take care,Lalane

  8. Congrats on the new car! Next time I buy a car, you have to come along and negotiate for me! One day I will work on adding the cool stuff to my blog, but for now still trying to get used to my new operating system. Good night!

  9. Hi, congrats on the license and car. I am needing your help with the music though. I have the media player on, and I saw that you told someone to go to, did that, put the link on my page, hit save, and still nothing. I am hoping that you might have a suggestion. I know you are busy and popular, but I would love your help. Thank you!! Have a good day!! Shannon

  10. thank you for replying so quickly. I tried the other link, and it works, but I can only get it to play the first time. If I close my blog and open it the media player just sits there. I am sure I can play around with it some more, but I just wanted to let you know that youre suggestion worked!! Thank you~ Shannon

  11. hi, sory to disturb u but can u help me plz?i tired the upload hut site and it works only for the images but the the songs nor videos….wat can be wrong? can u help me plz?tnx in advanceMiMo

  12. Hi, apparently i haven’t commented yet, so i’ll do that now. Good job getting a car! Maybe i will have some luck in that feild. Anyway, you mentioned something about radios and Media Player addons for my space, but i think you meant to tell someone else, i havent’ said anything about that…..well, just thought you should know. Great Car!

  13. Your site really looks good. You are doing Great! Glad to see you have a car, also. How is Logan doing? I’m sure you don’t get to spend the time with him that you would like. Keep trying and make the time with him the best for you both. Good Luck and God Bless You.Jerry

  14. hi, i found that song from a site, it was the only site i can find….bu i want to upload music of my own to my site by using upload hut but it dont seem to work…can u help me plz?

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