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I have not smoked now since Aug. 3rd. Do not really miss it at all. I had a good reason, my son asked me to. I thanked him for it too. I said that no one loved so much to care. I hope it will give many more years to be in his life.

My son won two game out of 6(?). I was hoping he would win at least one. He was upset a while back when a team with a girl on it beat his team. Last Saturday his team beat them back and he was glad not to have lost twice to them. He has only one game left and me & his mom are thinking of letting him take some kind of martial art. One of the parents at his games said that it helped his son with discipline. The teacher was strict about following directions and not goofing around. My son is ok with listening but… sometimes…well ya know what I mean. He is doing great in school too. Great grades and not calls from his teachers, or his mom, about him.

I finally built a pc for Vista games (HALO 2 & 3). I have XP pro and Vista premium on the same pc. I just select one from list during start up.

My pc:

Intel Core 2 duo E4400 @ 2.0 ghz (overclocked to 2.8)

Asus P5K WI/FI Deluxe motherboard

2GB (2×1 GB) DDR2 @ 667MHZ (8g @ 1066 MHZ max)

PNY NVIDIA GeForce 8500gt w/ 512MB DDR2

Western Digital 160 GB SATA Hard Drive

Westinghouse 19" widescreen @ 1440×900



5 in 1 card reader

many more little extras.

This Pc is about twice as fast as my old laptop (HP ZD8205us) Using AQUAMARK03 scores were around 25,000 and 63,000. (old/new) with the default test setting. I love being to play all pc games with settings cranked. I could play before on laptop but now It is so much sweeter. 

One weird thing though, when I tested in XP PRO it scored the 63,000 but on VISTA Premium it only scored around 56,5000. I think VISTA is more demanding to run. Also my XP PRO only uses about 220MB of memory but VISTA uses 550MB with no open apps., twice as much! Vista does look better and has some cool new stuff. I do not plan to get rid of my XP PRO any time soon though. Games that will run on XP run better than on Vista, if at all.

Well I guess that all new right now so, for now, bye …tom g

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