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My Son played flag football on a YMCA league team called the "Titans". They had about 8 games and I thought he did great, he had a blast. last Saturday he had a game scheduled but it rained. The game was the last one so they did not play. but they gave out stuff for every kid who played. I had no I idea that my Son would be chosen to be the M.V.P. and get this awesome trophy with his name on it and everything. OMG he/we were so excited. He got a medal for around the neck and thought that was cool, but when they announced his name for the M.V.P. we flipped out. I am so glad I was there to be a part of the moment. I will remember it for ever…and he will too.
I was not allowed to play sports of any after school stuff. The Nuns I was brought by were too afraid we’d get hurt, I guess. I was never awarded a trophy for any thing in my life (except for time in Army). He was amazed to hear me tell him he achieved something I had not. He asked me if he could tell people that, I said sure, I am proud of his achievements, not embarrassed about it so brag away.
His mom was excited too and was blow away by the trophy as well. He was so cute showing it to her and all. I told them it is only the beginning….
bye for now…tom g

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  1. Hi Tom,
    awwwh, THIS is so cool! The pictures tell everything. What a handsome young man you have there. I remember back then in Germany, I always went with my dad to do some kinda sport thing, it was very special to me and when i did my life guard that made me feel very special about myself. I am very happy for you that things are going so well for you and I hoe and pray that this IS the beginning of something real big.
    You probaply noticed that there is not much going on in my blog, lol…yeah, we are so busy and batteling a lot of things, simular to those you had to deal with. Right now I am just enjoying to put some pictures up but I will make an entry hopefully this week, kinda like a review of the year…
    Have a great evening and a super weekend!!!
    Hugs to you and your son,

  2. That is the coolest thing ever!  Good for you two!  I say that because you helped him become the young man he is now.  So take some credit!  You don’t need a trophy to tell you how great you are.  (But they are cool looking aren’t they?)  Great Job you two!

    Gobble – Gobble – Happy Thanksgiving from Branson, Missouri U.S.A.
    I want to take this time to personally thank you for being a part of Blog Quest.
    With wonderful people in this world in which we live makes for our neighborhoods to be a better place.
    We live on this big planet, in a huge universe, but together it is a small – small world.
    Happy Holiday’s!
    All the best for you and your loved one’s…

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