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Creating Good Content

One of the hardest part of any web site design job is coming up with all the photos and text to fill all them pages. I hate trying to write in a way that explains my points and fill up the space I need it to. I don’t want to make thing sound too simple but then I don’t want to overwhelm people with info and options either. Some times I cheat and look on other sites for same services to get an idea from what they have. I and often rewrite what they have to make it my own. They prob paid a high dollar editor to write it so I can usually feel okay doing it that what here is my biz site if you want to see how it is coming along.

I Got Another Site to Build!

– I made a website for my neighbor Jimmy Pritchard and his friend Megan LuRose wants me to create her new site too! Click her name to see what her site looks like now. I know I can make it look way better than the older style it has now. I can’t wait until (more…)

Icons Instead Of Links For Navigation

I hated the way my classifieds site’s navigation worked especially on smaller screens like a smartphone. It turns the navigation links into a drop down menu thing with radio buttons to choose. I made it easier by finding icons then turned them into clickable photos. Now the visitors just click the icons to go to
the page they want. The symbols on the icons show where they are

Start Your Own Online Store!

crocs-shoes-scIf anyone wishes to start an online store to sell stuff from leave a comment here and I will get back to you about setting it all up. You Will need to register to be an affiliate of Amazon to get paid commission on item you sell. Don’t worry it is FREE! Sign up here to get things rolling.

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