I Got Another Site to Build!

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– I made a website for my neighbor Jimmy Pritchard and his friend Megan LuRose wants me to create her new site too! Click her name to see what her site looks like now. I know I can make it look way better than the older style it has now. I can’t wait until we start working on it in a few weeks! I already have some ideas in my head that I know she will love! It will also be a lot easier for her to use regularly. There is even an app she can DL to post right from her smartphone …photos, videos and all!!

I am also trying to use this site more bc why let FB make $$ from my hard thought out content! I can make that $$ for myself…I need it more than the Zuckster! If anyone wants to have their own personal home on the web let me know. I have run my own servers now for about 4 years and its a lot better than cheap shared hosting you can get. just message me for more details.

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