Laptop For Sale $125

I just got done replacing a keyboard on a laptop I have for sale. It had a few buttons that were a bitThum-laptop-4s loose. I wanted to take a few photos along the way to post here but it made it take about 3x longer to do. I had to keep taking photos to get ones that were not blurred or showed up ok w/o flash washing everything out. Not all keyboards go in the same way so may be different depending on you model.

Pacific Rim Movie – Your Opinion

When I first saw commercials for this movie I knew I had to see this movie when I comes out. My Son and I are both huge fans of “Mechs” like in the game Mech Worrior or in one of Pacific Rim movie poster photomy all time favorite pc games ever Battlefield 2142. I also had the chance to be a beta tester in the all Mech online play-for-free game HAWKEN.

You can say I am a nut for any game where you can play a huge robot and explode crap all over the place. I  this movie I can’t operate the Mechs but I can be happy with just watching it on a bug screen at theater.

Soldier Sings Rihana Song

I saw this article about this soldier, Paul Iloilo Ieti whho did a awesome job a singing Rihaha’s songsoldier sings a rihaha song “Stay”. He looks like just another soldier taking advantage a some downtime to make this video.

With all the chaos and death happening over there it is good to see some joyful momnets coming from them. He could be making money from singing but chose to serve his country during wartime.

Me A Long Time Ago

This was me way back in the late 80’s. If I look scared in the military photo I was bc It was only day 3 of basic training and I was thinking “what the hell did I get myself into”…lol. It got better once we got to shoot at stuff. The school photo I cant remember what grade I was in when it was taken.

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