I Got Hosed!

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Last night after getting all ready for a night out i was driving and heard a loud pop sound. I looked in rear view mirror and saw steam so I pretty much knew what it was. I was luck it was the upper radiator hose and not the bottom one. Who ever invented them squeeze clamp things must have been a sadistic bastard bc they suck to get off with out the right size pliers. I put one back on the plastic radiator side because it is plastic and the regular hose clamp can be over tightened and break the plastic. I’d have to replace the whole radiator if i broke that outlet the hose connects to.

I also put in new thermostat too while I was doing this. It was just 2 bolts and only added about 10 more minutes so I put in a new one. I just put in water for now so i’ll have to replace that soon with 50/50 antifreeze/water. I have to watch the coolant level for a few days to make sure all the air works itself out. I am so glad I took auto mech at Howard Career Center in Wilm. for 2 yrs.

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