So This Is Why I’m Afraid Of Love?

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I read an article titled “This Is Why You’re Afraid Of Love, Based On Your Zodiac Sign” For my sign this is what was was written and tbh it is spot on”

You’re unpredictable. The only predictable thing about you is that you are guaranteed to change your mind and do so constantly. You have an insatiable curiosity in life, about everyone and everything. You’re afraid of love because of your fear of feeling confined in any way.

You’re a flighty air sign who tends to live life flitting around, never wanting to stay put long enough. You like to keep your options open and a relationship scares you because you would constantly wonder if they’re the person who is right for you. Part of you is scared you would always wonder what else is out there. You’re also constantly worried that you’ll lose interest in the person you think you’ve fallen in love with.

You do want love, as prone to flings as you may be, and as thirsty for variety as you may come across, you dream of meeting someone versatile who meshes well with all your personalities and who expands your horizons. You’re afraid that you’ll fall in love and that it won’t be enough, you’re afraid they won’t be as important to you as your need to satisfy your hunger for freedom and to satiate your energetic and curious nature.

What you fear most is the stillness love would bring. You thrive on experience and change and you fear that the stability a relationship would bring would only mean boredom. You constantly need to feel like you’re exploring and growing. You’re afraid love would put a stop to all these things. Nothing scares you more than a predictable life. If you feel like you’re living a scripted life or if you’re not being challenged intellectually or stimulated sexually, you’re bound to change your mind. You don’t want to love a person only to realize you don’t.

You’re also scared of losing yourself to love. Part of you thinks it may mean losing your sense of adventure, your social life, and even your free spirit. You tend to gravitate to casual relationships and not invest too much of yourself, but once you do let yourself be committed and care about one person, you sacrifice and give so much of yourself away. You’re overly generous to your partner and you may have been burned a time or two, so you keep yourself at a safe distance to not lose parts of yourself again.

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